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PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4753 "(1) The local education agency shall demonstrate to the Government Secretary that training and ancillary support services will be procurement. accessed through existing program providers to the extent that they are located in the immediate vicinity of the public housing development, or will contract with such providers for on-site service delivery, and that funds provided under this section will be utilized to purchase such services only to the extent that no other funds can be obtained to fulfill the purpose. "(2) The public housing agency shall agree to make available suitable facilities in the public housing development for the provision of education, training and support services under this section. "(3) The local education agency shall demonstrate that the recipients of service have been recruited with the assistance of the public housing authority and are eligible individuals in accordance with the priorities established in subsection (c). "(4) The local education agency shall demonstrate the ability to coordinate the services provided in this section with other services provided, with the public housing development and private industry council as well as with other public and private agencies and community-based organizations of demonstrated effectiveness providing similar and ancillary services to the target population. "(5) The local education agency shall demonstrate that they have, to the fullest extent practicable, attempted to employ residents of the public housing development to carry out the purposes of this section whenever qualified residents are available. "(c) INDIVIDUALS ELIGIBLE FOR SERVICES. —Local education agencies receiving grants under this section shall target participation in the training and services provided under such grants to individuals who— "(1) reside in public housing; "(2) are economically disadvantaged; and "(3) have encountered barriers to employment because of Employment. basic skills deficiency including not having a high school diploma, GED, or the equivalent. "(d) PRIORITY. — Local education agencies providing services under this section shall give priority to single heads of households with young dependent children. "(e) MANDATORY SERVICES. —Any local education agency that receives a grant under this section shall establish a Gateway program to provide— "(1) outreach and information services designed to make eligible individuals aware of available services; "(2) literacy and bilingual education services, where appropriate; "(3) remedial education and basic skills training; "(4) employment training and personal management skill development or referrals for such services; and "(5) child care or dependent care for dependents of eligible Day care, individuals during those times, including afternoons and evenings, when training services are being provided. To the extent practicable, child care or dependent care services shall be designed to employ public housing residents after appropriate training. Infants and children.