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105 STAT. 98 PUBLIC LAW 102-25—APR. 6, 1991 Regulations. Food stamps. Reports. seq.), or any other Act concerning the operation of the activated reservist's farming or ranching operation. (b) REQUIREMENTS.—The Secretary may rely on the representation of the spouse or close relative (even in the absence of a power of attorney) made under such procedures if— (1) The Secretary determines that the reliance is appropriate in order to prevent undue hardship and to provide equitable treatment for the activated reservist; and (2) the Secretary has reason to believe that the representation of the spouse or close relative is in accordance with the wishes of the activated reservist. SEC. 387. ADMINISTRATION The Secretary shall issue such regulations, and take such other actions, as are necessary to carry out this part. Section 553 of title 5, United States Code, shall not apply with respect to the implementation of this part by the Secretary. SEC. 388. OUTREACH PROJECTS (a) The Secretary shall conduct a sufficient number of outreach projects to inform appropriate households, of which a member is a member of the Armed Forces serving on active duty (other than for training) that they might be eligible for participation in the Food Stamp Program authorized under the Food Stamp Act of 1977 (7 U.S.C.2011etseq.). (b) The Secretary shall— (1) in designing and carrying out projects under subsection (a), consult with the Secretary of Defense, appropriate State agencies, and appropriate military family support groups; and (2) ensure that the projects under subsection (a) begin no later than July 1, 1991, and end July 1, 1992. (c) The Secretary shall submit a report, by September 1, 1992, to the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry of the Senate on the effectiveness of each method used under subsection (a) to inform households of food stamp eligibility. PART G—BUDGET TREATMENT SEC. 391. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS PROM DEFENSE COOPERATION ACCOUNT (a) AUTHORIZATION. — In addition to the authorizations of appropriations in titles I and ll, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated from the Defease Cooperation Account the sum of $655,000,000, to be availablie only for the payment of title III benefits for fiscal years 1991 through 1995, except that none of the amount appropriated pursuant to such authorization shall be available for (1) payment of Montgomery GI bill rate increases for fiscal years after fiscal year 1993, or (2) for costs under the amendments made by section 334. Of the amount appropriated pursuant to such authorization, $255,000,000 is available only for the costs of benefits under part C of this title, and no more than such amount may be available from suchaccount for those costs. (b) LONG-TERM COSTS. —The amount of funds in the Defense Cooperation Account on October 1, 1992 (other than funds appropriated pursuant to authorizations in other provisions of this Act), is hereby authorized to be appropriated from that account for costs of