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PUBLIC LAW 102-25—APR. 6, 1991 105 STAT. 105 (15) Command, control, communications, and operational security of the coalition forces as a whole, and command, control, communications, and operational security of the United States forces. (16) The rules of engagement for the coalition forces. (17) The actions taken to reduce the casualties among coalition forces caused by the fire of such forces. (18) The role of supporting combatant commands and Defense Agencies of the Department of Defense. (19) The policies and procedures relating to the media, including the use of media pools. (20) The assignment of roles and missions to the United States forces and other coalition forces and the performance of those forces in carrying out their assigned roles and missions. (21) The preparedness, including doctrine and training, of the United States forces. (22) The acquisition of foreign military technology from Iraq, and any compromise of military technology of the United States or other countries in the multinational coalition. (23) The problems posed by Iraqi possession and use of equipment produced in the United States and other coalition nations. (24) The use of deception by Iraqi forces and by coalition forces. (25) The military criteria used to determine when to progress from one phase of military operations to another phase of military operations, including transition from air superiority operations to operations focused on degrading Iraqi forces, transition to large-scale ground offensive operations, and transition to cessation of hostilities. (26) The effects on the conduct of United States military operations resulting from the implementation of the Goldwater- Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986. (c) CASUALTY STATISTICS. — The report (and the preliminary report, to the extent feasible) shall also contain (1) the number of military and civilian casualties sustained by coalition nations, and (2) estimates of such casualties sustained by Iraq and by nations not directly participating in the hostilities in the Persian Gulf area during the Persian Gulf C!onflict. (d) CLASSIFICATION OF REPORTS. —The Secretary of Defense shall submit both the report and the preliminary report in a classified form and an unclassified form. TITLE VI—GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 601. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE 10 USC 113 (a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary of Defense may provide assistance ^°^' for families of members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty during the Persian Gulf conflict in order to ensure that the children of such families obtain needed child care services. The assistance authorized by this section should be directed primarily toward providing needed child care services for children of such personnel who are serving in the Persian Gulf area or who have been otherwise deployed, assigned, or ordered to active duty in connection with Operation Desert Storm. (b) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. —Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated from the Defense Cooperation Account