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PUBLIC LAW 102-34—APR. 23, 1991 105 STAT. 179 Public Law 102-34 102d Congress Joint Resolution To designate April 22, 1991, as "Earth Day" to promote the preservation of the global Apr. 23, 1991 environment. [S.J. Res. 119] Whereas the world faces an international environmental crisis which demands the attention of citizens of every nation of the world, including the United States, so that alliances can be built that transcend the boundaries dividing countries, continents, and cultures; ' Whereas there is a need to confront environmental problems of increasing severity, including climate change, depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, loss of forests, wetlands, and other wildlife habitats, acid rain, air pollution, ocean pollution, and hazardous and solid waste buildup; Whereas it is important that the next generation be guided by a conservation ethic in all of its relations with nature; Whereas education and understanding is necessary for individuals to recognize the environmental impact of daily living and to become environmentally responsible consumers by conserving energy, increasing recycling efforts, and promoting environmental responsibility in communities; Whereas major public policy initiatives are necessary to cure the causes of environmental degradation, such as eliminating the manufacture and use of chlorofluorocarbons, minimizing and recycling solid wastes, improving energy efficiency, protecting biodiversity, promoting reforestation, and initiating sustainable development throughout the world; Whereas nearly 21 years ago, millions of individuals in the United States joined together on Earth Day to express an unprecedented concern for the environment, and such collective action resulted in the passage of sweeping laws to protect the air, water, and land; Whereas the 1990's should be observed as the "International Environmental Decade" in order to forge an international alliance in response to global environmental problems; and Whereas to inaugurate the new environmental decade, individuals should again stand together in cities, towns, and villages around the world for a day of collective action to declare a shared resolve: Now, therefore, be it