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PUBLIC LAW 102-4 —FEB. 6, 1991 105 STAT. 17 (f) EFFECTIVE DATE. —(1) This section shall take effect at the end of the 90-day period beginning on the date on which the first report of the National Academy of Sciences under section 3(g) is received by the Secretary, except that this section shall not take effect if the Secretary, after receiving that report and before the end of that 90- day period— (A) determines that it is not feasible or cost-effective to carry out this section or that carrying out this section would not make a material contribution to the body of scientific knowledge concerning the health effects in humans of herbicide exposure; and (B) notifies the Committees on Veterans* Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Secretary's determination and the reasons therefor, (2) In making a determination under this subsection, the Secretary shall give great weight to the views and recommendations of the Academy expressed in that report with respect to the implementation of this section. SEC. 8. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FEASIBILITY STUDIES PROGRAM. (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM.— Subject to subsections (e) and (f), the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall establish a program to provide for the conduct of studies of the feasibility of conducting additional scientific research on— (1) health hazards resulting from exposure to dioxin; (2) health hazards resulting from exposure to other toxic agents in herbicides used in support of United States and allied military operations in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam era; and (3) health hazards resulting from active military, naval, or air service in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam era. (h) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. — (1) Under the program established pursuant to subsection (a), the Secretary shall, pursuant to criteria prescribed pursuant to paragraph (2), award contracts or furnish financial assistance to non-Government entities for the conduct of studies referred to in subsection (a). (2) The Secretary shall prescribe criteria for (A) the selection of entities to be awarded contracts or to receive financial assistemce under the program, and (B) the approval of studies to be conducted under such contracts or with such financial assistance. (c) REPORT.—The Secretary shall promptly report the results of studies conducted under the program to the Committees on Veterans' Affairs of the Senate and the House of Representatives. (d) CONSULTATION WITH THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. —(1) To the extent provided under any agreement entered into by the Secretary and the National Academy of Sciences under this Act— (A) the Secretary shall consult with the Academy regarding the establishment and administration of the program under subsection (a); and (B) the Academy shall review the studies conducted under contracts awarded pursuemt to the program and the studies conducted with financial assistance furnished pursuant to the program. (2) The agreement shall require the Academy to submit to the Secretary and the Committees on Veterans' Affairs of the Senate and the House of Representatives any recommendations that the 38 USC 316 note. Government contracts. Grants.