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105 STAT. 1126 PUBLIC LAW 102-170—NOV. 26, 1991 Abortion. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 201. None of the funds made available by this Act for the National Institutes of Health, except for those appropriated to the "Office of the Director", may be used to provide forward funding or multiyear funding of research project grants except in those cases where the Director of the National Institutes of Health has determined that such funding is specifically required because of the scientific requirements of a particular research project grant. SEC. 202. Appropriations in this or any other Act shall be available for expenses for active commissioned officers in the Public Health Service Reserve Corps and for not to exceed 2,400 commissioned officers in the Regular Corps; expenses incident to the dissemination of health information in foreign countries through exhibits and other appropriate means; advances of funds for compensation, travel, and subsistence expenses (or per diem in lieu thereof) for persons coming from abroad to participate in health or scientific activities of the Department pursuant to law; expenses of primary and secondary schooling of dependents in foreign countries, of Public Health Service commissioned officers stationed in foreign countries, at costs for any given area not in excess of those of the Department of Defense for the same area, when it is determined by the Secretary that the schools available in the locality are unable to provide adequately for the education of such dependents, and for the transportation of such dependents between such schools and their places of residence when the schools are not accessible to such dependents by regular means of transportation; expenses for medical care for civilian and commissioned employees of the Public Health Service and their dependents assigned abroad on a permanent basis in accordance with such regulations as the Secretary may provide; rental or lease of living quarters (for periods not exceeding five years), and provision of heat, fuel, and light and maintenance, improvement, and repair of such quarters, and advance payments therefor, for civilian officers and employees of the Public Health Service who are United States citizens and who have a permanent station in a foreign country; purchase, erection, and maintenance of temporary or portable structures; and for the payment of compensation to consultants or individual scientists appointed for limited periods of time pursuant to section 207(f) or section 207(g) of the Public Health Service Act, at rates established by the Assistant Secretary for Health, or the Secretary where such action is required by statute, not to exceed the per diem rate equivalent to the maximum rate payable for senior-level positions under 5 U.S.C. 5376. SEC. 203. None of the funds contained in this Act shall be used to perform abortions except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term. SEC. 204. Funds advanced to the National Institutes of Health Management Fund from appropriations in this Act shall be available for the expenses of sharing medical care facilities and resources pursuant to section 327A of the Public Health Service Act. SEC. 205. Funds appropriated in this title shall be available for not to exceed $37,000 for official reception and representation expenses when specifically approved by the Secretary. SEC. 206. Amounts received from employees of the Department in payment for room and board may be credited to the appropriation accounts which finance the activities of the Public Health Service.