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""W k'i^H PUBLIC LAW 102-237—DEC. 13, 1991 105 STAT. 1851 "(5) requirements to prevent program abuse and procedures to recover improperly obtained funds; "(6) rules permitting State trust funds to act as revolving funds or to otherwise accumulate additional capital, based on investments, to be subsequently used to promote the purposes of this chapter; and "(7) any other rules necessary and appropriate to carry out the program. "(g) DURATION OF PROGRAM.—The program established under this chapter shall expire on September 30, 1996, except that any financial obligations of the Secretary shall continue to be met as required by this chapter. "(h) EuGiBLE USES FOR GUARANTEED LOAN FUNDS. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— Funds from eligible loans (including proceeds from the sale of bonds or other obligations described in section 1465(c)(2)) guaranteed under this chapter, and any earnings of the State trust funds, may be used— "(A) to purchase development rights, conservation easements or other types of easements, or to purchase agricultural land in fee simple or some lesser estate in land; "(B) to pay all reasonable and customary costs including appraisal, survey and engineering fees, and legal expenses; "(C) to pay the costs of enforcing easements or land use restrictions; "(D) to cover the costs of complying with any regulations issued by the Secretary under this program and the costs of implementing the farmland plan of operation, except that the guaranteed loan proceeds shall not be used to pay overhead expenses of the State trust fund (rent, utilities, salaries, wages, insurance premiums, and the like); and "(E) to generate earnings (including through investments not exceeding 10 years in duration for each eligible loan), to be used for future farmland preservation efforts, through investments in direct obligations of the United States or obligations guaranteed by the United States or an agency thereof or by depositing funds in any member bank of the Federal Reserve System or any federally insured State nonmember bank. "(2) COLLATERAL FOR LOANS. — To the extent consistent with relevant banking laws and practices, the investments or deposits described in paragraph (1)(E) may serve as collateral for loans made to, or on behalf of, the State trust fund. "(i) STATE USE OF GUARANTEED LOAN FUNDS.—The Secretary may issue regulations or procedures requiring each State trust fund to report to the Secretary regarding the uses of the eligible loans (described in section 1465(c)(2)) guaranteed by the Secretary and the Secretary may monitor the uses of the funds to ensure that the loans are used for purposes related to this chapter. Neither the Secretary or the lending institution shall have the power to require approval of each specific use of the loans guaranteed by the Secretary, the specific terms of each use of the loan funds, or the specific provisions of each purchase or investment made with loans guaranteed by the Secretary. The Secretary may require that each State trust fund provide a State farmland preservation plan of operation to the Secretary setting forth the plans for administering the program in the State and may require each State trust fund to