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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 2105 evaluation of public transportation projects, and for other technical studies. Activities assisted under this section may include— "(A) studies relating to management, operations, capital requirements, and economic feasibility; "(B) evaluation of previously funded projects; and "(C) other similar or related activities preliminary to and in preparation for the construction, acquisition, or improved operation of facilities and equipment. "(2) CRITERIA. — A grant, contract, or working agreement under this section shall be made in accordance with criteria established by the Secretary. "(o) PRIVATE ENTERPRISE. —The plans and programs required by this section shall encourage to the maximum extent feasible the participation of private enterprise. Where facilities and equipment are to be acquired which are already being used in service in the urban areas, the program must provide that they shall be so improved (through modernization, extension, addition, or otherwise) that they will better serve the transportation needs of the area. " (p) USE FOR COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall ensure, to the extent practicable, that amounts made available under section 21(c)(l) for the purposes of this section are used to support balanced and comprehensive transportation planning that takes into account the relationships among land use and all transportation modes, without regard to the programmatic source of the planning funds. " (2) FORMULA ALLOCATION TO ALL METROPOUTAN AREAS.— The Secretary shall apportion 80 percent of the amount made available under section 21(c)(l) to States in the ratio that the population in urbanized areas, in each State, bears to the total population in urbanized areas, in all the States as shown by the latest available decennial census, except that no State shall receive less than V2 of 1 percent of the amount apportioned under this paragraph. Such funds shall be allocated to metropolitan planning organizations designated under section 8 by a formula, developed by the State in cooperation with metropolitan planning organizations and approved by the Secretary, that considers population in urbanized areas and provides an appropriate distribution for urbanized areas to carry out the cooperative processes described in section 8 of this Act. The State shall make such funds available promptly to eligible metropolitan planning organizations according to procedures approved by the Secretary. "(3) SUPPLEMENTAL ALLOCATION. —The Secretary shall apportion 20 percent of the amounts made available under section 21(c)(1) to States to supplement allocations under subparagraph (B) for metropolitan planning organizations. Such funds shall be allocated according to a formula that reflects the additional costs of carrying out planning, programming, and project selection responsibilities under this section in such areas. "(4) HOLD HARMLESS. —The Secretary shall ensure, to the maximum extefht practicable, that no metropolitan planning organization is allocated less than the amount it received by administrative formula under section 8 in fiscal year 1991. To comply with the previous sentence, the Secretary is authorized