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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 2177 staff and by contracting with private industry for specific development projects. (b) SURFACE TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN. — (1) DEVELOPMENT.—The Secretary shall develop an integrated national surface transportation research and development plan (hereinafter in this subsection referred to as the "plan"). (2) Focus.— The plan shall focus on surface transportation systems needed for urban, suburban, and rural areas in the next decade. (3) CONTENTS.— The plan shall include the following: (A) Details of the Department's surface transportation research and development programs, including appropriate funding levels and a schedule with milestones, preliminary cost estimates, appropriate work scopes, personnel requirements, and estimated costs and goals for the next 3 years for each area of research and development. (B) A 10-year projection of long-term programs in surface transportation research and development and recommendations for the appropriate source or mechanism for surface transportation research and development funding, taking into account recommendations of the Research and Development Coordinating Council of the Department of Transportation and the plan of the National Council on Surface Transportation Research. (C) Recommendations on changes needed to assure that Federal, State, and local contracting procedures encourage the adoption of advanced technologies developed as a consequence of the research programs in this Act. (4) OBJECTIVES.—The plan shall provide for the following: (A) The development, within the shortest period of time ,5 possible, of a range of technologies needed to produce convenient, safe, and affordable modes of surface transportation to be available for public use beginning in the mid- 1990's. (B) Maintenance of a long-term advanced research and development program to provide for next generation surface transportation systems. (5) COOPERATION WITH INDUSTRY.— A primary component of the plan shall be cooperation with industry in carrying out this part and strengthening the manufacturing capabilities of United States firms in order to produce products for surface transportation systems. (6) CONFORMANCE WITH PLAN.— Al l surface transportation research and development within the Department of Transportation shall be included in the plan and shall be evaluated in accordance with the plan. (7) COORDINATION. —In developing the plan and carrying out this part, the Secretary shall consult with and, where appropriate, use the expertise of other Federal agencies and their laboratories. (8) TRANSMITTAL. — On or before January 15, 1993, and annually thereafter, the Secretary shall transmit the plan to Congress, together with the Secretary's comments and recommendations. The Secretary shall review and update the plan before each transmittal under this paragraph.