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PUBLIC LAW 102-242—DEC. 19, 1991 105 STAT. 2319 condominium property that is subject to an agreement entered into by the Corporation before the commencement of the first fiscal year for which amounts are provided pursuant to paragraph (2)(A) that provides for any other disposition of the property. " (c) RULES GOVERNING DISPOSITION OF ELIGIBLE SINGLE FAMILY PROPERTIES.— "(1) NOTICE TO CLEARINGHOUSES. —Within a reasonable period of time after acquiring title to an eligible single family property, the Corporation shall provide written notice to clearinghouses. Such notice shall contain basic information about the property, including but not limited to location, condition, and information relating to the estimated fair market value of the property. Each clearinghouse shall make such information available, upon request, to other public agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and qualifying households. The Corporation shall allow public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and qualifying households reasonable access to eligible single family property for purposes of inspection. "(2) OFFERS TO SELL TO NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, PUBLIC AGENCIES, AND QUALIFYING HOUSEHOLDS. —During the 180-day period beginning on the date on which the Corporation makes an eligible single family property available for sale, the Corporation shall offer to sell the property to— "(A) qualifying households (including qualifying households with members who are veterans); or "(B) public agencies or nonprofit organizations that agree to (i) make the property available for occupancy by and maintain it as affordable for low-income families (including low-income families with members who are veterans) for the remaining useful life of such property, or (ii) make the property available for purchase by any such family who, except as provided in paragraph (4), agrees to occupy the property as a principal residence for at least 12 months and certifies in writing that the family intends to occupy the property for at least 12 months. The restrictions described in clause (i) of subparagraph (B) shall be contained in the deed or other recorded instrument. If, upon the expiration of such 180-day period, no qualifying household, public agency, or nonprofit organization has made a bona fide offer to purchase the property, the Corporation may offer to sell the property to any purchaser. The Corporation shall actively market eligible single family properties for sale to low-income families and to low-income families with members who are veterans. "(3) RECAPTURE OF PROFITS FROM RESALE. — Except as provided in paragraph (4), if any eligible single family property sold (A) to a qualifying household, or (B) to a low-income family pursuant to paragraph (2)(B)(ii), subsection (j)(3)(A), or subsection (k)(2), is resold by the qualifying household or low-income family during the 1-year period beginning upon initial acquisition by the household or low-income family, the Corporation shall recapture 75 percent of the amount of any proceeds from the resale that exceed the sum of (i) the original sale price for the acquisition of the property by the qualifying household or low-income family, (ii) the costs of any improvements to the property made