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105 STAT. 2584 PROCLAMATION 6307—JUNE 24, 1991 mation within its possession to nationals and companies of the other Party engaged in such efforts. 11. Each Party shall provide nondiscriminatory access to governmentally-provided products and services, including public utilities, to nationals and companies of the other Party at fair and equitable prices (and in no event at prices greater than those charged to any nationals or companies of third countries where such prices are set of controlled by the government) in connection with the operation of their commercial representations. 12. Each Party shall permit commercial representations to stock an adequate supply of samples and replacement parts for aftersales service on a non-commercial basis. 13. Neither Party shall impose measures which unreasonably impair contractual or property rights or other interests acquired within its territory by nationals and companies of the other Party. Article VII.—Transparency 1. Each Party shall make available publicly on a timely basis all laws, regulations, judicial decisions and administrative rulings of general application related to commercial activity, including trade, investment, taxation, banking, insurance and other financial services, transport and labor. Each Party shall make such information available in reading rooms in its own capital and shall endeavor to make such information available in the capital of the other Party. 2. Each Party shall provide nationals and companies of the other Party with access to available non-confidential, non-proprietary data on the national economy and individual sectors, including information on foreign trade. 3. Each Party shall allow nationals and companies of the other Party the opportunity, to the extent practicable, to comment on the formulation of rules and regulations which affect the conduct of business activities. Article VIII.—Financial Provisions Relating to Trade in Products and Services 1. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties to individual transactions, all commercial transactions between nationals and companies of the Parties shall be made in United States dollars or any other currency that may be designated from time to time by the International Monetary Fund as being a freely usable currency. 2. Neither Party shall restrict the export from its territory of convertible currencies or deposits, or instruments representative thereof, obtained in connection with trade in products and services by nationals and companies of the other Party.