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SUBJECT INDEX Bll Page Nebraska Niobrara Scenic River Designation Act of 1991 254 New Hampshire Lamprey River Study Act of 1991 1663 Pease Air Force Base, land transfer 1036 New Jersey James and Marlene Howard Transportation Information Center, designation 2186 Morristown National Historical Park, land addition 586 New Mexico National Atomic Museum, designation 1578 North Atlantic Treaty Organization See NATO Nutrition See Health and Health Care O Ohio Jesse Owens Building of the United States Postal Service, designation 266 Luke Easter Post Office, designation 299 Patrick J. Patton United States Post Office Building, designation 625 William H. Harsha Bridge, designation 2021 Oklahoma Native American Cultural Center, feasibility study 1620 U.S. Route 69, designation 2013 Panama Panama Canal Commission Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1992 1586 Parks See National Parks, Monuments, Memorials Patents and Trademarks Patent and Trademark Office Authorization Act of 1991 1636 Pennsylvania J. Clifford Naugle Bypass, designation 2021 John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, designation 995 White Creek Study Act 1664 Pensions See Labor Persian Gulf See also Desert Storm Emergency Supplemental Persian Gulf Refugee Assistance Act of 1991 247 Foreign Relations Persian Gulf Conflict Emergency Supplemental Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1991 68 Persian Gulf Conflict Higher Education Assistance Act 93 Persian Gulf Conflict Supplemental Authorization and Personnel Benefits Act of 1991 75 Persian Gulf War Veterans' Benefits Act of 1991 88 Physicians See Health and Health Care Postal Service Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Act, 1992 834 Prisons and Prisoners National Literacy Act of 1991 356 Women's correctional facility, ID, land use 427 Proclamations Bulgaria, trade agreement 2578 Canada, free-trade agreement, accelerated schedule 2691 Mongolia, trade agreement 2603 Nicaragua, beneficiary country, designation 2456 Polish Constitution, two hundredth anniversary 2547 Soviet Union, trade agreement 2641, 2721 Special observances American Education Week 2459 American Heart Month 2488 American Red Cross Month 2476 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 243, 2550 Baltic Freedom Day 57, 2577 Basketball Centennial Day 1651, 2774 Bicentennial of the District of Columbia Month 1649, 2769 Bill of Rights Day 2474, 2766 Cancer Control Month 2513 Captive Nations Week 2636 Child Health Day 2716 Citizenship Day 2676 Clean Water Month 2771 Columbus Day 2723 Commodore John Barry Day 473, 2673 Community Center Month 2735 Constitution Week 2676 Country Music Month 618, 2729 Crime Prevention Month 628, 2730 Dutch-American Heritage Day 1039, 2749 Earth Day 179, 2521 Education Day, U.S.A 44, 2506 Emergency Medical Services Week....245, 2557 Energy Awareness Month 2682 Father's Day 2572 Federal Civilian Employees Remembrance Day 1680, 2764 Federal Employees Recognition Week 25, 2498 Fire Prevention Week 2684 Flag Day 2565 General Pulaski Memorial Day 2679 Geography Awareness Week... 1288, 2460, 2760 German-American Day 585, 2714 Gold Star Mother's Day 2677 Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy 67, 2508 Helsinki Human Rights Day 475, 2640