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PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 106 STAT. 747 how those needs can be met through the program authorized by tills part, and what additional steps might be taken to improve the operation and implementation of the construction finsuicing program. "(b) BOARD MEMBERSHIP. — " (1) COMPOSITION. —The Advisory Board shall be appointed by the Secretary and shall be composed of 9 members as follows: "(A) The Secretary or the Secretary's designee. "(B) Three members who are presidents of private historically Black colleges or universities. "(C) Two members who are presidents of public historically Black colleges or universities. "(D) The president of the United Negro College Fund, Inc. "(E) The president of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. (F) The executive director of the White House Initiative on historically Black colleges and imiversities. "(2) TERMS.— The term of office of each member appointed under paragraphs (1)(B) and (1)(C) shall be 3 years, except that^ "(A) of the members first appointed pursuant to paragraphs (1)(B) and (1)(C), 2 shall be appointed for terms of 1 year, and 3 shall be appointed for terms of 2 years; "(B) members appointed to fill a vacancy occinring before the expiration of a term of a member shall be appointed to serve the remainder of that term; and "(C) a member may continue to serve after the expiration of a term until a successor is appointed. "(c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. —There are authorized to be appropriated $50,000 for fiscal year 1993 and each of the 4 succeeding fiscal yesirs to carry out this section. «SEC. 728. MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE UTILIZATION. "In the performance of and with respect to the Secretary's effectuation of his responsibilities under section 725(1) and to the maximum extent feasible in the implementation of the purposes of this part, minority business persons, including bond underwriters and credit enhancers, bond counsel, marketers, accountants, advisors, construction contractors, and managers should be uti- Hzed.". SEC. 705. CONSOLIDATION OF PARTS C AND F. Part C of title VII of the Act (20 U.S.C. 1132d et seq.) is amended to read as follows: "PART C—LOANS FOR CONSTRUCTION, RE- CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION OF ACA- DEMIC, HOUSING, AND OTHER EDU- CATIONAL FACILITIES 20 USC 1132C-7. SEC. 731. FEDERAL ASSISTANCE IN THE FORM OF LOANS. "(a) AUTHORITY AND CONDITIONS FOR LOANS.— TO assist institutions of higher education and higher education building agencies in the construction, reconstruction, or renovation of housing, undergraduate and graduate academic facilities, and other educational 20 USC 1132d.