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B8 SUBJECT INDEX Page Conservation—Continued Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act 3173 Energy Policy Act of 1992 2776 PloodControl James R. Olin Flood Control Project, VA, designation 4824 Golden Gate National Recreation Area Addition Act of 1992 236 Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Tissue Bank Act 2233 Hawaii TVopical Forest Recovery Act.... 4593 High Seas Driftnet Fisheries Enforcement Act 4900 Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Access and Enhancement Act 2208 International Dolphin Conservation Act of 1992 3425 Ldttle River Canyon National Preserve Act of 1992 2179 Membrane Processes Research Act of 1992 3142 Minute Man National Historical Park Amendments of 1991 3135 National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, LA, establishment 4766 National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992 166 New England groundfish, restoration 4309 North Pacific Anadromous Stocks Act of 1992 4309 North Pacific Anadromous Stocks Convention Act of 1992 5098 Omnibus Insular Areas Act of 1992 33 Pacific Yew Act 859 Provasoli-Guillard National Center and Facility for the Culture of Marine Phytoplankton, ME, designation 5054 Reclamation Projects Authorization and Adjustment Act of 1992 4600 Reclamation Recreation Management Act of 1992 4690 Reclamation States Emergency Drought ReliefAct of 1991 53 Reclamation Wastewater and Grovmdwater Study and Facilities Act 4663 Sonoma Baylands Wetland Demonstration Program 4739 Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission, establishment 4626 Water Resources Development Act of 1992 4797 Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992 2224 Constitution Twenty-seventh amendment, ratification 5145 Consumer Affairs and Protection Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 1460 Medical Device Amendments of 1992 238 Ted Weiss Child Support Enforcement Act of 1992 3531 Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act 4181 Contracts Buy-American provisions 14 Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Adoption and Family Services Act of 1992 187 Higher Education Amendments of 1992 448 Jicarilla Apache Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act 2237 San Carlos Apache Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act of 1992 4740 Small Business Credit and Business Opportunity Enhancement Act of 1992 986 WIC Infant Formula Procurement Act of 1992 3364 Copyrights See also Patents and Trademarks Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 4237 Copyright Amendments Act of 1992 264 Copyright infiingement, criminal penalties 4233 Copyright Renewal Act of 1992 264 Unpublished works, fair use 3145 Corporations See Business and Industry Councils Advisory Council on California Indian Policy Act of 1992 2131 National Council on Disability, establishment 4421 National Defense Technology and Industrial Base Council, establishment 2664 National Quality Council, establishment 27 Native American Employment and Training Council, establishment 1074 Private Industry Council, establishment 1026 State Human Resource Investment Council, establishment 1099 Statewide Independent Living Council, establishment 4446 United States Holocaust Memorial Council, appropriation authorization 3463 Courthouses See Federal Buildings and Facilities Courts Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 1992 965 Battered Women's Testimony Act of 1992 3459 Child custody litigation, research and judicial training 3461 Civil Liberties Act ^^endments of 1992 1167