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106 STAT. 2326 PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 Sec. 2501. Authorized NATO construction and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2502. Authorization of appropriations, NATO. TITLE XXVI—GUARD AND RESERVE FORCES FACILITIES Sec. 2601. Authorized Guard and Reserve construction and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2602. Air National Guard construction, Truax Field, Wisconsin. Sec. 2603. National Guard Armory, Virginia. Sec. 2604. Reductions in certain prior year authorizations of appropriations for Air Force Reserve military construction projects. TITLE XXVII—EXPIRATION AND EXTENSION OF AUTHORIZATIONS Sec. 2701. Expiration of authorizations and amounts required to be specified by law. Sec. 2702. Extension of authorizations of certain fiscal year 1990 projects. Sec. 2703. Effective date. TITLE XXVIII—GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Military Construction Program and Military Family Housing Changes Sec. 2801. Promotion of energy savings at military installations. Sec. 2802. Authority to construct replacement family housing units. Subtitle B—Defense Base Closure and Realignment Sec. 2821. Use of proceeds of the transfer or disposal of commissary store and other facilities and property. Sec. 2822. Demonstration project for the use of a national relocation contractor to assist the Department of Defense. Sec. 2823. Change in date of report of Comptroller General to Congress and Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission. Sec. 2824. Availability of certain Federal property for application for use to assist the homeless. Sec. 2825. Revision of requirements relating to budget data on base closures. Sec. 2826. Consideration of community ability to compete for the relocation of finance and accounting activities. Sec. 2827. Overseas Military Facility Investment Recovery Account. Subtitle C—Land Transactions Sec. 2831. Modification of land exchange, San Diego, California. Sec. 2832. Land acquisition and exchange, Myrtle Beach Air Force Base and Poinsett Weapons Range, South Carolina. Sec. 2833. Land conveyance, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sec. 2834. Leases of property, Naval Supply Center, Oakland, California. Sec. 2835. Grant of easement at Naval Air Station, Miramar, San Diego, California. Sec. 2836. Land conveyance. Naval Reserve Center, Santa Barbara, California. Sec. 2837. Land conveyance. Forest Glen Annex, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maryland. Sec. 2838. Land conveyance, Williams Air Force Base, Arizona. Sec. 2839. Modification of land exchange, Burlington, Vermont. Sec. 2840. Conveyance of waste water treatment plant. Fort Ritchie, Maryland. Sec. 2841. Acquisition of interests in land, Naval Radio Station, Jim Creek, Washington. Sec. 2842. Real property conveyance. Naval Station Puget Sound, Everett, Washington. Sec. 2843. Conveyance of Hastings Radar Bomb Scoring Site, Nebraska. Sec. 2844. Land conveyance, Abbeville, Alabama. Sec. 2845. Extension of time in which to enter into lease at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, California. Sec. 2846. Termination of lease and sale of facilities. Naval Reserve Center, Atlanta, Georgia. Sec. 2847. Land conveyance. Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Sec. 2848. Modification of land conveyance, Fort A.P. Hill Military Reservation, Virginia. Subtitle D—Other Matters Sec. 2851. Clarification of authority to lease non-excess property. Sec. 2852. Storage of hazardous materials on arsenal property in conjunction with third -party contracts. Sec. 2853. Report on continued military need for Bellows Air Force Station, Hawaii.