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106 STAT. 2350 PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 and exploratory development" means work funded in program elements for defense research and development under Department of Defense category 6.1 or 6.2. SEC. 203. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT. (a) FISCAL YEAR 1993.— O f the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, $374,620,000 shall be available for, and may be obligated only for, manufacturing technology development as follows * (i) For the Army, $51,000,000. (2) For the Navy, $119,250,000. (3) For the Air Force, $138,370,000. (4) For the Defense Logistics Agency, $29,000,000. (5) For the Office of the Secretary of Defense, $37,000,000. (b) WORKER SKILLS. — Manufacturing technolo^ development programs conducted by or for the Department of Defense, including those programs for which funds are made available pursuant to section 203, shall include a focus on production technologies designed to build on and expand existing worker skills and experience in manufacturing production. SEC. 204. STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOP- MENT PROGRAM. Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, $200,000,000 shall be available for the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program. SEC. 205. ENDOWMENT FOR DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION. (a) REPORT.— The Secretary of Defense shall prepare a report on the benefits and limitations of esteblishing a United States- Israel Endowment for Defense Industrial Cooperation with the following objectives: (1) To promote and support joint defense industrial activities of mutual benefit to the United States and Israel. (2) To promote and support joint commercialization of defense teclmologies of mutual benefit to the United States and Israel. (3) To strengthen a mutually beneficial defense trade program between the United States and Israel. (b) DEADLINE.— The Secretary shall submit to Congress the report required by subsection (a) no later than August 1, 1993. Subtitle B—Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations SEC. 211. V -22 OSPREY AIRCRAFT PROGRAM. (a) FUNDING. — Of the funds authorized to be appropriated pursuant to section 201 or otherwise made available for research, development, test, and evaluation for the Navy for fiscal year 1993, the sum of $755,000,000 shall be used only for the V-22 Osprey aircraft program. (b) USE OF FUNDS FOR CURRENT AND PRIOR FISCAL YEARS. — The amount made available for fiscal year 1993 for the V-22 Osprey aircraft program pursuant to subsection (a) and the amounte that were authorized and appropriated for preceding fiscal years for that program may be usea only for— (1) the development and manufacture of V-22 Osprey or derivative tiltrotor aircraft for operational testing; and