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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2351 (2) the operational testing of such aircraft, (c) REPORT.— (1) The Commandant of the Marine Corps shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report on the crash of the V-22 Osprey prototype aircraft that occurred on July 20, 1992. The report shall include a discussion of the following matters: (A) The cause or causes of the crash. (B) The extent to which a redesign of a system might be required to correct the condition or conditions that caused the crash. (C) The effects of the crash on the cost, schedule, and technical risk of the V-22 Osprey development and testing program. (2) Not more than 50 percent of the amount appropriated for the Navy for fiscal year 1993 and made available tor the V-22 Osprey aircraft program may be obligated for such program until the Commandant has submitted the report required by paragraph (1). SEC. 212. SPECIAL OPERATIONS VARIANT OF THE V-22 OSPREY AIR. CRAFT. Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated pursuant to section 201(4), $15,000,000 shall be available for research, development, test, and evaluation in connection with the special operations variant of the V-22 Osprey aircraft. SEC. 213. EXTENSION OF PROHIBITION ON TESTING MID-INFRARED ADVANCED CHEMICAL LASER AGAINST AN OBJECT IN SPACE. The Secretary of Defense may not carry out a test of the Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL) transmitter and associated optics against an object in space during 1993 unless such testing is specifically authorized by law. SEC. 214. NAVY TACTICAL AVIATION PROGRAMS. (a) A-X AIRCRAFT PROGRAM. —The Secretary of Defense shall restructure the acquisition plan for the A-X aircraft program to provide for development, demonstration, and validation of at least two prototypes for each of the two most promising proposals received from concept exploration. In restructuring such acquisition strategy, the Secretary shall require the following: (1) That the protot3n;>e designs for such aircraft, to the maximimi extent feasible, use technologies for engines, radar, and avionics that are derived from me F-117, A-12, B-2, or F-22 aircraft programs or that are currently available in existing aircraft. (2) That the aircraft design to be used for the program be selected through the use of competitive procedures. (b) FA-18E/F AIRCRAFT PROGRAM. —The Secretary of the Navy may not obligate any funds for procurement for the F-18E/F multirole aircraft program until— (1) the Secretary has completed an early operational assessment of the aircraft design based in part on flight performance of not less than two research and development prototype aircraft; and (2) the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation of the Department of Defense has approved the operational assessment plan for the program.