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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2537 to 65 percent, in the case of officers, and to 50 percent, in the case of enlisted members, by September 30, 1997. (b) INTERIM ACCESSION PERCENTAGES.—The Secretary shall Regulations. prescribe regulations establishing for each of fiscal years 1993 through 1997 an accession percentage for officers, and a separate accession percentage for enlisted members, for prior active-duty personnel so as to facilitate compliance with the objectives stated m subsection (a). (c) QUALIFIED PRIOR ACTIVE-DUTY PERSONNEL. —For purposes of this section, qualified prior active-duty personnel are members of the Army National Guard with not less than two years of active duty. (d) DEADLINE FOR REGULATIONS. —The regulations required by subsection (a) shall be prescribed not later than March 15, 1993. The Secretary shall submit those regulations to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives not later than April 1, 1993. SEC. 1112. SERVICE IN SELECTED RESERVE IN LIEU OF ACTIVE-DUTY SERVICE. (a) ACADEMY GRADUATES AND DISTINGUISHED ROTC GRAD- UATES TO SERVE IN SELECTED RESERVE FOR PERIOD OF ACTIVE- DUTY SERVICE OBLIGATION NOT SERVED ON ACTIVE DUTY.—(1) An officer who is a graduate of one of the service academies or who was commissioned as a distinguished Reserve Officers' Training Corps graduate and who is permitted to be released from active duty before the completion of the active-duty service obligation applicable to that officer shall serve the remaining period of such active-duty service obligation as a member of the Selected Reserve. (2) The Secretary concerned may waive paragraph (1) in a case in which the Secretary determines that there is no unit position available for the officer. (b) ROTC GRADUATES.— The Secretary of the Army shall provide a program under which graduates of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program may perform their minimum period of obligated service by a combination of (A) two years of active duty, and (B) such additional period of service as is necessary to complete the remainder of such obligation, to be served in the National Guard. SEC. 1113. REVIEW OF OFFICER PROMOTIONS BY COMMANDER OF ASSOCIATED ACTIVE DUTY UNIT. (a) REVIEW.—Whenever an officer in an Army National Guard unit as defined in subsection (b) is recommended for a unit vacancy promotion to a grade above first lieutenant, the recommended promotion shall be reviewed by the commander of the active duty unit associated with the National Guard unit of that officer or another active-duty officer designated by the Secretary of the Army. The commander or other active-duty officer designated by the Secretary of the Army shall provide to the promoting authority, through the promotion board convened by the promotion authority to consider unit vacancy promotion candidates, before the promotion is made, a recommendation of concurrence or nonconcurrence in the promotion. The recommendation shall be provided to the promoting authority within 60 days after receipt of notice of the recommended promotion. (b) IMPLEMENTATION.— Subsection (a) shall take effect—