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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2755 (A)(i) each representative of employees whose work is directly related to the defense contract under the defense program and who are employed by the defense contractor; or (ii) if there is no such representative at that time, each such employee; (B) the State dislocated worker unit or office described in section 311(b)(2) of the Job Training Partnership Act (29 U.S.C. 1661(b)(2)) and the chief elected official of the unit of general local government within which the adverse effect may occur; and (C) each grantee under section 325(a) of the Job Training Partnership Act, or section 325A(a) of such Act, as the case may be, providing training, adjustment assistance, and employment services to each employee described in this paragraph. (3) Loss OF ELIGIBILITY. —An employee who receives notice of witiidrawal under paragraph (2) andl not be eligible for training, ac|justment assistance, and employment services under section 325 of the Job Training Partnership Act, or section 325A of such Act, as the case may be, begmning on the date the employee receives such notice, (f) DEFENSE CONTRACTOR DEFINED. —For purposes of this section, the term "defense contractor^ means a private person producing goods or services pursuant to— (1) a contract with the Department of Defense in an amount not less than $500,000; or (2) a subcontract in an amount not less than $5(K),0(K) entered into under a contract with the Department of Defense. SEC. 4472. STUDY TO DETERMINE THE DISLOCATION EFFECTS OF 10 USC 2504 CURRENT AND FUTURE REDUCTIONS IN SPENDING FOR "o^ THE NATIONAL DEFENSE. (a) STUDY.—The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Labor shall jointly conduct a study to determine the dislocation effects that are projected to occur as a result of current and ftiture reductions in speniung for the national defense. The responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense under this section shall be carried out by the Defense £}conomic Adjustment Center established within the National Defense University under section 2504(a) of title 10, United States Code. (b) CONDUCT OF STUDY.— In carrying out the study under subsection (a), the Secretaries shall— (1) consider the reemployment potential of workers losing jobs as a result of reduced defense spending, including the probability that such workers will be absorbeainto other comparable jobs in the Federal Government or other comparable jobs in the geographic locality of such workers; (2) include projections for— (A) dislocation in the private sector defense industry, dislocation of active duty military, and dislocation of civilians working for the Department of Defense; and (B) secondary dislocation in communities that are substantially and seriously affected (as defined in section 4003(5)(A) of the Defense Economic A4justment, Diversification, Conversion, and Stabilization Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-^10; 104 Stat. 1848; 10 U.S.C. 2391 note)) where 59-194 O—93 31: QL 3 (Pt. 3)