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106 STAT. 2884 PUBLIC LAW 102-486—OCT. 24, 1992 (A) the energy-related and environmental-related impacts, on a life cycle basis, of the introduction and use of eiltemative fueled vemcles included in the plan compared to conventional motor vehicles; (B) the number of alternative fueled vehicles likely to be introduced by the year 2000, as a result of successful implementation of the plan; and (C) such other factors as the Secretary considers appropriate. (3) The Secretary, in consultation with the Administrator of General Services, shall provide assistance to States in procuring alternative fueled vehicles, including coordination with Federal procurements of such vehicles. (4) The Secretary may not approve a State plan submitted under subsection (a) unless the State agrees to provide at least 20 percent of the cost of activities for which assistance is provided under paragraph (1). (c) GENERAL PROVISIONS.—(1) In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of Transportation on matters relating to transportation and with other appropriate Federal and State departments and agencies. Reports. (2) The Secretary shall report annually to the President and the Congress, and shall furnish copies of such report to the Governor of each State participating in the program, on the operation of the program under this section. Such report shall include— (A) an estimate of the number of alternative fueled vehicles in use in each State; (B) the degree of each State's participation in the program; (C) a description of Federal, State, and local programs undertaken in the various States, whether pursuant to a State plan under this section or not, to provide incentives for introduction of alternative fueled vehicles; (D) an estimate of the energy and environmental benefits oftheprogram; and (E) the recommendations of the Secretary, if any, for additional action by the Federal Government. (d) DEFINITIONS. —For the purposes of this section, the following definitions apply: (1) GOVERNOR. —The term "Governor" means the chief executive of a State. (2) STATE.— The term "State" means each of the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the United States Virdn Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and any other Commonwealth, territory, or possession of the United States. (e) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. — There are authorized to be appropriated for carrying out this section, $10,000,000 for each of the 5 fiscal years beginning after the date of enactment of this Act. 42 USC 13236. SEC. 410. ALTERNATIVE FUEL BUS PROGRAM. (a) COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS AND JOINT VENTURES. —(1) The Secretary of Transportetion, in consultetion with the Secretary, may enter into cooperative agreemente and joint ventiu'es proposed by any municipal, county, or regional transit authority in an urban area with a popi:Qation over 100,000 (according to latest available