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106 STAT. 3234 PUBLIC LAW 102-496—OCT. 24, 1992 for the administration of this subsection in the same manner that such section applies concerning information described in that section. 50 USC 2083. •«£€. 2SS. CREDIT FOR SERVICE WHILE ON MILITARY LEAVK "(a) GENERAL RULE.— A participant who, during the period of any war or of any national emergency as proclaimed by the President or declared by the Congress, leaves the participant's position in the Agency to enter military service shall not be considered, for purposes of this title, as separated from the participant's position in the Agency by reason of such military service, unless the participant applies for and receives a refund of contributions under this title. Such a participant may not be considered as retaining such position in the Agency after December 31, 1956, or upon the expiration of five years of such military service, whichever is later. "(b) WAIVER OF CONTRIBUTIONS. —Except to the extent provided under section 252(e) or 252(h), contributions shall not be required covering periods of leave of absence from the Agency granted a participant while performing active service in the Anned Forces.

    • Part G—Moneys



shall prepare the estimates of the annual appropriations required to be made to the fund. "(b) ACTUARIAL VALUATIONS.— The Director shall cause to be made actuarial valuations of the fund at such intervals as the Director determines to be necessary, but not less often than every five years. "(c) CHANGES IN LAW AFFECTING ACTUARIAL STATUS OF FUND. — Any statute which authorizes— "(1) new or increased benefits payable from the fund under this title, including annuity increases other than under section 291; "(2) extension of the coverage of this title to new groups of employees; or "(3) increases in pay on which benefits are computed; is deemed to authorize appropriations to the fund in order to provide funding for the unfunded liability created by that statute, m 30 equal annual installments with interest computed at the rate used in the then most recent valuation of the system and with the first payment thereof due as of the end of the fiscal year in which such new or liberalized benefit, extension of coverage, or increase in pay is effective. "(d) AuTHORiZATlON.There is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the fund for each fiscal year such amounts as may be necessary to meet the amount of normal cost for each year that is not met by contributions under section 211(a). "(e) UNFUNDED LIABILITY; CREDIT ALLOWED FOR MILITARY SERVICE. —There is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the fund for each fiscal year such sums as may be necessary to provide the amount equivalent to—