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106 STAT. 3856 PUBLIC LAW 102-550 —OCT. 28, 1992 housing, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, infrastructure, health care, job training, education, crime prevention, planning, community organizing, and other areas deemed appropriate by the Secretary. (d) APPLICATION.— Any public or private nonprofit institution of higher education may submit an application for a grant under this section in such form and containing such information as the Secretary may require by regulation. (e) SELECTION CRITERIA.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall select recipients of grants under this section on the basis of the following criteria: (A) The demonstrated research and outreach resources available to the applicant for carrying out the purposes of this section. (B) The capability of the applicant to provide leadership in solving community problems and in making national contributions to solving long-term and immediate urban problems. (C) The demonstrated commitment of the applicant to supporting urban research and outreach programs by providing matching contributions for any Federal assistance received. (D) The demonstrated ability of the applicant to disseminate results of research and successful strategies developed through outreach activities to other Centers and communities served through the demonstration program. (E) The projects and activities that the applicant proposes to carry out under the grant. (F) The effectiveness of the applicant's strategy to provide outreach activities to communities. (G) The extent of need in the communities to be served by the Centers. (H) Other criteria deemed appropriate by the Secretary. (2) RIEFERENCE.— The Secretary shall give preference to institutions of higher education that undertake research and outreach activities by bringing together knowledge and expertise in the various social science and technical disciplines that relate to urban problems. (f) FEDERAL SHARES.—The Federal share of a grant under this section shall not be more than— (1) 50 percent of the cost of establishing and operating a Center's research activities; and (2) 75 percent of the cost of establishing and operating a Center's outreach activities. (g) NON-FEDERAL SHARES.— The non-Federal share of a grant may include cash, or the value of non-cash contributions, equipment, or other in-kind contributions deemed appropriate by the Secretary. (h) RESPONSIBILITIES.— ^A Center established under this section shall— (1) employ the research and outreach resources of its sponsoring institution of higher education to solve specific urban problems identified by communities served by the Center; (2) establish outreach activities in areas identified in the grant application as the communities to be served; (3) establish a community advisory committee comprised of representatives of local institutions and residents of the