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106 STAT. 3938 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 Removal of Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing Act of 1992. Intergovernmental relations. 42 USC 12705a note. 42 USC 12705a. 42 USC 12705b. 42 USC 12705c. TITLE XII—REMOVAL OF REGULATORY BARRIERS TO AFFORDABLE HOUSING SEC. 1201. SHORT TITLE. This title may be cited as the liemoval of Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing Act of 1992". SEC. 1202. PURPOSES. The purposes of this title are— (1) to encourage State and local governments to further identify and remove regulatory barriers to affordable hoiising (including barriers that are excessive, unnecessary, duplicative, or exclusionary) that significantly increase housing costs and limit the supply of affordable housing; and (2) to strengthen the connection between Federal housing assistance and state and local efforts to identify and eliminate regulatory barriers. SEC. 1203. DEFINITION OF REGULATORY BARRIERS TO AFFORDABLE HOUSING. For purposes of this title, the terms "regulatory barriers to affordable housing" and "regulatory barriers" mean any public policies (including policies embodied in statutes, ordinances, regulations, or administrative procedures or processes) required to be identified by a jurisdiction in connection with its comprehensive housing affordability strategy under section 105(b)(4) of the Cranston-Gronzalez National Affordable Housing Act. Such terms do not include policies relating to rents imposed on a structure by a jurisdiction or policies that have servea to create or preserve, or can be shown to create or preserve, housing for low- and very lowincome families, including displacement protections, demolition controls, replacement housing requirements, relocation benefits, housing trust funds, dedicated funding sources, waiver of local property taxes and builder fees, inclusionary zoning, rental zoning overlays, long-term use restrictions, and rights of first refusal. SEC. 1204. GRANTS FOR REGULATORY BARRIER REMOVAL STRATE- GIES AND IMPLEMENTATION. (a) IN GENERAL.—The amounts set aside under section 107 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 for the purpose of this subsection shall be available for grants under subsection (b) and (c). (b) STATE GRANTS.— The Secretary ra&y make grants to States for the costs of developing and implementing strategies to remove regulatory barriers to affordable housing, including the costs of— (1) identifying, assessing, and monitoring State and local regulatonr barriers; (2) identifying State and local policies (including laws and regulations) that permit or encourage regulatory barriers; (3) developing legislation to provide a State program to reduce State and local regulatory barriers and developing a strategy for adoption of such legislation; (4) developing model State standards and ordinances to reduce regulatory barriers and assisting in the adoption and use of the standards and ordinances;