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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3673 Sec. 149. Implementation of amendments to project-based certificate program. Sec. 150. Effectiveness of section 8 assistance for FHA-owned units. Sec. 151. Implementation of income eligibility provisions for section 8 new construction units. Sec. 152. Moving to opportunity for fair housing. Sec. 153. Directive to further fair housing objectives under certificate and voucher programs. Sec. 154. Housing assistance in Jefferson County, Texas. Sec. 155. Compliance of certain activities with limitations on project-based assistance. Subtitle D—Other Programs Sec. 161. Public and assisted housing drug elimination. Sec. 162. Housing counseling. Sec. 163. Use of funds recapturedfix>mrefinancing State and local finance projects. Sec. 164. HOPE for youth. Sec. 165. Extension for commencement of certain construction. Subtitle E—Homeownership Programs Sec. 181. HOPE programs. Sec. 182. National Homeownership Trust demonstration. Sec. 183. Nehemiah housing opportunity grants. Sec. 184. Loan guarantees for Indian housing. Sec. 185. Assistance under section 8 for homeownership. Sec. 186. Enterprise zone homeownership opportunity grants. Subtitle F—Implementation Sec. 191. Implementation. TITLE II—HOME INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 202. Home program thresholds. Sec. 203. Elimination of restrictions on new construction. Sec. 204. Policies and preference rules; use of tenant-based rental assistance amounts for security deposits. Sec. 205. Use of home funds for homeless assistance. Sec. 206. Per unit cost limits. Sec. 207. Administrative costs as eligible use of investment. Sec. 208. Affordable housing. Sec. 209. Homeownership resale restrictions. Sec. 210. Matching requirements. Sec. 211. Assistance for insular areas. Sec. 212. Community housing production set-aside. Sec. 213. Housing education and organizational support for community land trusts. Sec. 214. Land bank redevelopment. Sec. 215. Research in providing affordable housing through innovative building techniques and technology. Sec. 216. Use of innovative building technologies to provide cost-saving housing opportunities. Sec. 217. Definition of community housing development organization. Sec. 218. Inclusion of echo housing in definition of housing. Sec. 219. Eligibility of manufactured homeowners as first-time homebuyers. Sec. 220. Eligibility for assistance and contents of strategies. Sec. 221. Location of activities. Sec. 222. Regulations. Sec. 223. Retroactive application of home amendments. TITLE III—PRESERVATION OF LOW-INCOME HOUSING Subtitle A—Prepayment of Mortgages Insured Under National Housing Act Sec. 301. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 302. Guidelines for appraisals of preservation value. Sec. 303. Second notice of intent. Sec. 304. Plan of action. Sec. 305. Approval of plan of action. Sec. 306. Receipt of incentives to extend low-income use. Sec. 307. Transfer to qualified purchasers. Sec. 308. Criteria for plan of action involving incentives. Sec. 309. Resident homeownership program. Sec. 310. Definition of eligible low-income housing. Sec. 311. Preemption of State and local laws.