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106 STAT. 4040 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 "Subtitle C—Supportive Housing Program "Sec. 421. Purpose. "Sec. 422. Definitions. "Sec. 423. Eligible activities. "Sec. 424. Supportive housing. "Sec. 425. Supportive services. "Sec. 426. Program requirements. "Sec. 427. Regulations. "Sec. 428. Reports to Congress. "Sec. 429. Authorization of appropriations. "Subtitle D—Safe Havens for Homeless Individuals Demonstration Program "Sec. 431. Establishment of demonstration. "Sec. 432. Definitions. "Sec. 433. Program assistance. "Sec. 434. Program requirements. "Sec. 435. Occupan<^ charge. "Sec. 436. Termination of assistance. "Sec. 437. Evaluation and report. "Sec. 438. Regulations. "Sec. 439. Authorization of appropriations. "Subtitle E—Miscellaneous Programs "Sec. 441. Section 8 assistance for single room occupancy dwellings. "Sec. 442. Community development block grant amendment. "Sec. 443. Administrative provisions. "Subtitle F—Shelter Plus Care Program "PART I—GENERAL REQUIREMENTS "Sec. 451. Purpose. "Sec. 452. Rental housing assistance. "Sec. 453. Supportive services requirements. "Sec. 454. Applications. "Sec. 455. Selection criteria. "Sec. 456. Required agreements. "Sec. 457. Housing standards and rent reasonableness. "Sec. 458. Tenant rent. "Sec. 459. Administrative fees. "Sec. 460. Occupancy. "Sec. 461. Termination of assistance. "Sec. 462. Definitions. "Sec. 463. Authorization of appropriations. "PART H—TENANT-BASED RENTAL ASSISTANCE "Sec. 471. Authority. "Sec. 472. Housing assistance. "Sec. 473. Amount of assistance. "P A RT I II —PROJECT-BASED RENTAL ASSISTANCE "Sec. 476. Authority. "Sec. 477. Housing assistance. "Sec. 478. Term of contract and amount of assistance. " PA R T IV—SPONSOR-BASED RENTAL ASSISTANCE "Sec. 481. Authority. "Sec. 482. Housing assistance. "Sec. 483. Term of contract and amount of assistance. "PART V—SECTION 8 MODERATE REHABILITATION ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE-ROOM OCCUPANCY DWELLINGS "Sec. 486. Authority. "Sec. 487. Fire and safety improvements. =5 , ^ "Sec. 488. Contract reqmrements. "Subtitle G—Rural Homeless Housing Assistance "Sec. 491. Rural homelessness grant program. "Sec. 492. Use of FMHA inventoiy for transitional housing for homeless persons and for turnkey housing.";