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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 4077 "Sec. 322. Private reinsurance study. TITLE IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS "Subtitle A—Payment System Risk Reduction "Sec. 401. Findings and purpose. "Sec. 402. Definitions. "Sec. 403. Bilateral netting. "Sec. 404. Clearing organization netting. "Sec. 405. Preemption. "Sec. 406. Relationship to other payments systems. "Sec. 407. National emergencies. "Subtitle B—Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978 "Sec. 411. Amendments to the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978. "Subtitle C—Final Settlement Payment Procedure "Sec. 416. Final settlement payment procedure. "Subtitle D—Miscelhmeous Committees, Studies, and Reports "Sec. 421. Amendments relating to Federal Reserve Board reserve requirements. "Sec. 422. Permanent authorization of Credit Standards Advisory Committee. "Subtitle E:—Utilization of Private Sector "Sec. 426. Utilization of private sector. "Sec. 427. Reporting. "Subtitle F—Emergency Assistance for Rhode Island , "Sec. 431. Emergency loan guarantee. "Subtitle G—Qualified Thrift; Lender Test Improvements "Sec. 436. Short title. "Sec. 437. A4justment of compliance periods for purposes of qualified thrift lender test "Sec. 438. Increase in amount of liquid assets excludablefiromportfolio assets. "Sec. 439. Additional investments included in definition of qualified thrift assets. "Sec. 440. Prudent diversification of assets. "Sec. 441. Consumer lending b}^ Federal savings associations. "Subtitle H—Prohibition on Entering Secrecy Agreements and Protective Orders "Sec. 446. Prohibition on entering into secrecy agreements and protective orders. "Subtitle I—Bank and Thrift Employee Provisions "Sec. 461. Continuation of health plan coverage in cases of failed financial institutions. "Subtitle J—Sense of the Congress Regarding the Credit Crisis "Sec. 456. Credit crunch. "Subtitle K—Acquisition of Insolvent Savings Associations "Sec. 461. Acquisition of insolvent savings associations. "Subtitle L—Creditabilily of Service "Sec. 466. Creditability of service. "Subtitle M—Other Miscellaneous Provisions "Sec. 471. Providing services to insured depository institutions. "Sec. 472. Real estate appraisals. "Sec. 473. Emergency liquidify. "Sec. 474. Discrunination agamst reorganized debtors. "Sec. 475. Purchased mortgage servicing rights. "Sec. 476. Limitation on securities private ri^ts of action. "Sec. 477. Modified small business lending disclosure. "Sec. 478. Special insured deposits. "Subtitle N—Severability "Sec. 481. Severability.