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PUBLIC LAW 102-564—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 4263 "(2) DEFINITION.— In this subsection, the term 'third phase agreement' means a follow-on, non-SBIR or non-STTR funded contract as described in paragraph (4)(C) or paragraph (6)(C) of subsection (e). "(3) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. —Each funding agreement under an SBIR or STTR program shall include provisions setting forth the respective rights of the United States and the small business concern with respect to intellectual property rights and with respect to any right to carry out follow-on research.". SEC. 306. SENSE OF THE CONGRESS CONCERNING AMERICAN-MADE EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTS. (a) PURCHASE OF AMERICAN-MADE EQUIPMENT AND PROD- UCTS.— It is the sense of the Congress that an entity that is awarded a funding agreement under the SBIR program of a Federal agency under section 9 of the Small Business Act should, when purchasing any equipment or a product with funds provided through the funding agreement, purchase only American-made equipment and products, to the extent possible in keeping with the overall purposes of that program. (b) NOTICE TO SBIR AWARDEES.— Each Federal agency that awards funding agreements under the SBIR program shall provide to each recipient of such an award a notice describing the sense of the Congress, as set forth in subsection (a). SEC. 307. TECHNICAL CORRECTIONS. (a) SMALL BUSINESS PARTICIPATION RATES.— Section 714(b)(4) of the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program Act of 1988 (15 U.S.C. 644 note, 102 Stat. 3892) is amended by inserting "or other services in support of such contracts" after "(including surveying and mapping)". (b) MiCROLOAN PROGRAM FUNDING.— Section 7(m)(7) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 636(m)(7)) is amended— (1) in subparagraph (A), by adding at the end the following: "If, at the end of fiscal year 1992, the Administration has funded less than 50 microloan programs under this subparagraph, the Administration may, in fiscal year 1993, fund a number of additional microloan programs equal to the difference between 50 and the niunber of microloan programs actually funded in fiscal year 1992."; and (2) in subparagraph (B), by striking "In the second" and inserting "In addition to any microloan programs authorized to be funded in fiscal year 1993 in accordance with subparagraph (A), in the second". 15 USC 638 note. Decorations, medals, awards. Contracts.