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106 STAT. 3704 PUBLIC LAW 102-550 —OCT. 28, 1992 "(B) documentation of the votes required under subsection (c)(l)(B); "(C) a description of the proposed manager selected by the applicant (in accordance with procedures estabhshed or approved by the Secretary) and documentation of its capacity to manage the eligible housing; "(D) a plan for carrying out the manager's responsibilities for managing the eligible housing; "(E) documentation that the project (or building or buildings) for which management transfer is proposed is eligible housing; "(F) documentation that each of the requirements under paragraph (I)(B) have been fulfilled; "((jrXi) if the application includes a request for a rehabilitation grant under subsection (e) (which shall be included in any application involving eligible housing that is 50 percent or more vacant), the basis for the estimate of the amount requested, including— "(I) the estimate of the eligible housing's need under the public housing agenc/s comprehensive plan (under section 14(e)(1)); and "(II) an explanation, where appropriate, if an amount higher than the amount planned by the agency is being requested; or "(ii) if the application does not include a request for a rehabilitation grant under subsection (e), a demonstration that needs for capital improvements and replacement for the housing can reasonably be expected to be funded from funding for capital improvements under subsection (e); "(H) if the manager proposes to administer a program to enable residents to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency, a description of the program and evidence of commitment of resources to the program; "(I) an analysis showing that the planned rehabilitation will result in the long-term viability of the housing at a reasonable cost; "(J) a certification that the manager will comply with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act, title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and will affirmatively further fair housing; and "(K) such other information that the Secretary considers appropriate. "(g) REVIEW AND APPROVAL BY THE SECRETARY.— "(1) APPLICATIONS NOT REQUESTING REHABILITATION ASSIST- ANCE.— In the case of applications for the transfer of management of public housing that do not include a request for rehabilitation assistance under subsection (e), the Secretary may approve an application that meets the requirements of subsection (fK2) and this section. "(2) APPLICATIONS REQUESTING REHABILITATION GRANTS.— In the case of applications that include a request for rehabilitation assistance under subsection (e), the Secretary shall select R^ulations. applicants for approval based on a national competition. The Secretary shall, by regulation, establish selection criteria for the competition which provide for separate rating of applicants under this paragraph and of applicants under this section.