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106 STAT. 4462 PUBLIC LAW 102-569—OCT. 29, 1992 "(B) obtains approval of the application under section 722 or 723; or "(2) after funding all applications so submitted and approved, the Commissioner determines that funds remain available to provide such assistance. 29 USC 796f-4. *«£€. 725. STANDARDS AND ASSURANCES FOR CENTERS FOR INDEPENDENT UVDfG. "(a) IN GENERAL. —Each center for independent living that receives assistance under this part shall comply with the standards set out in subsection (b) and provide and comply with the assurances set out in subsection (c) in order to ensure that all programs and activities under this part are planned, conducted, administered, and evaluated in a manner consistent with the purposes of this chapter and the objective of providing assistance effectively and efficiently. "(b) STANDARDS.— "(1) PHILOSOPHY.— The center shall promote and practice the independent living philosophy of— "(A) consumer control of the center regarding decisionmaking, service delivery, management, and establishment of the policy and direction of the center; "(B) self-help and self-advocaQr; "(C) development of peer relationships and peer role models; and (D) equal access of individuals with severe disabilities to society and to all services, programs, activities, resources, and facilities, whether public or private and regardless of the funding source. "(2) PROVISION OF SERVICES.— The center shall provide services to individuals with a range of severe disabilities. The center shall provide services on a cross-disability basis (for individuals with all different types of severe disabilities, including individuals with disabilities who are members of populations that are unserved or underserved by programs under this Act). Eligibility for services at any center for independent living shall not be based on the presence of any one or more specific severe disabilities.

    • (3) INDEPENDENT LIVING GOALS.— The center shall facilitate the development and achievement of independent living

goals selected by individuals with severe disabilities who seek such assistance by the center. "(4) COMMUNITY OPTIONS.—The center shall work to increase the availability and improve the quality of community options for independent living in order to facilitate the development and achievement of independent living goals by individuals with severe disabilities. "(5) INDEPENDENT LIVING CORE SERVICES.— The center shall provide independent living core services and, as appropriate, a combination of any other independent living services specified in section 7(30XB). "(6) ACTIVITIES TO INCREASE COMMUNITY CAPACITY. —The center shall conduct activities to increase the capacity of communities within the service area of the center to meet the needs of individuals with severe disabilities.