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106 STAT. 3724 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 grams under this subtitle. The amount of a planning grant under this section may not exceed $150,000, except that the Secret£uy may for good cause approve a grant in a higher amount. "(b) ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES. — Planning grants may be used for activities to develop Youthbuild programs including— " (1) studies of the feasibility of a Youthbuild program; "(2) establishment of consortia between youth training and education programs and housing owners or developers, including any organizations specified in section 457(2), which will participate in the Youthbuild program; "(3) identification and selection of a site for the Youthbuild program; "(4) preliminary architectural and engineering work for the Youthbuild program; "(5) identification and training of staff for the Youthbuild program; "(6) planning for education, job training, and other services that will be provided as part of the Youthbuild program; "(7) other planning, training, or technical assistance necessary in advance of commencing the Youthbuild program; and "(8) preparation of an application for an implementation grant under this subtitle. "(c) APPLICATION. — "(1) FORM AND PROCEDURES. — An application for a planning grant shall be submitted by an applicant in such form and in accordance with such procedures as the Secretary shall establish. "(2) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. —The Secretary shall require that an application contain at a minimimi— "(A) a request for a planning grant, specifying the activities proposed to be carried out, the schedule for completing the activities, the personnel necessary to complete the activities, and the amount of the grant requested; "(B) a description of the applicant and a statement of its qualifications, including a description of the applicant's past experience with housing rehabilitation or construction and with youth and youth education and employment training programs, and its relationship with local imions and apprenticeship programs, and other community groups; "(C) identification and description of potential sites for the program and the construction or rehabilitation activities that would be undertaken at such sites; potential methods for identifying and recruiting youth participants; potential educational and job training activities, work opportunities and other services for participants; and potenti£U coordination with other Federal, State, and local housing and youth education and employment training activities including activities conducted by Indian tribes; "(D) a certification by the public official responsible for submitting the comprehensive housing affordability strategy under section 105 of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act that the proposed activities are consistent with the approved housing strategy of the State or unit of general local government within which the project is located; and