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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4605 Sec. 4021. Recommendations. Sec. 4022. National center for preservation technology and training. Sec. 4023. Rec|uirement for specific authorization for projects under the Historic Sites, Buildings, and Antiquities Act. I TITLE I—BUFFALO BILL DAM AND RESERVOIR, WYOMING SEC. 101. ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. Title I of Public Law 97-293 (96 Stat. 1261) is amended as follows: (a) In the second sentence of section 101, by striking "replacing the existing Shoshone Powerplant," and inserting "constructing power generating facilities with a total installed capacity of 25.5 megawatts,". (b) In section 102, amend the heading to read "recreational facilities, conservation, and fish and wildlife", and add at the end "The construction of recreational facilities in excess of the amount required to replace or relocate existing facilities is authorized, and the costs of such construction shall be borne equally by the United States and the State of Wyoming pursuant to the Federal Water Project Recreation Act.". (c) In section 106(a), strike "for construction of the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir modifications the sum of $106,700,000 (October 1982 price levels)" and insert "for the Federal share of the construction of the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir modifications and recreational facilities the sum of $80,000,000 (October 1988 price levels)", and strike "modifications" and all that follows and insert "modifications." in lieu thereof. (d) There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be required due to increased costs of construction attributable to delays in enactment of any additional authorization of appropriations for the construction of the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir modifications and recreational facilities: Provided, That such additional sums shall be nonreimbursable and nonreturnable under the Federal reclamation laws. TITLE II—CENTRAL UTAH PROJECT CONSTRUCTION Central Utah Project SEC. 200. SHORT TITLE AND DEFINITIONS FOR TITLES II-VI. Completion Act. (a) SHORT TITLE. — Titles II through VI of this Act may be cited as the "Central Utah Project Completion Act". (b) DEFINITIONS.— For the purposes of titles II-VI of this Act: (1) The term "Bureau" means the Bureau of Reclamation of the Department of the Interior. (2) The term "Commission" means the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission established by section 301 of this Act. (3) The term "conservation measure(s)" means actions taken to improve the efficiency of the storage, conveyance, distribution, or use of water, exclusive of dams, reservoirs, or wells. (4) The term "1988 Definite Plan Report" means the May 1988 Draft Supplement to the Definite Plan Report for the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project. (5) The term "District" means the Central Utah Water Conservancy District.