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PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 107 STAT. 2191 House of Representatives and the Committee on Finance of the Senate. "SEC. 414. REMOTE LOCATION FILING. 19 USC 1414. " (a) CORE ENTRY INFORMATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —^A Program participant may file electronically an entry of merchandise with the Customs Service from a location other than the district designated in the entry for examination (hereafter in this section referred to as a 'remote location') if— "(A) the Customs Service is satisfied that the participant has the capabilities referred to in paragraph (2)(A) regarding such method of filing; and "(B) the participant elects to file from the remote location. "(2) REQUIREMENirS. - "(A) IN GENERAL.— In order to qualify for filing from a remote location, a Program participant must have the capability to provide, on an entry-by-entry basis, for the following: "(i) The electronic entry of merchandise, "(ii) The electronic entry summary of reqmred information. "(iii) The electronic transmission of invoice information (when required by the Customs Service), "(iv) The electronic payment of duties, fees, and taxes. "(v) Such other electronic capabilities within the existing or planned components of the Program as the Secretary shall by regulation require. "(B) RESTRICTION ON EXEMPTION FROM REQUIRE- MENTS. — The Customs Service may not permit any exemption or waiver from the requirements established by this section for participation in remote entry filing. "(S) CONDITIONS ON FILING UNDER THIS SECTION. —The Secretary may prohibit a Program participant from participating in remote location filing, and may remove a Program participant from participation in remote location filing, if the participant— "(i) fails to meet all the compliance requirements and operational standards of remote location filing; or "(ii) fails to eidhere to all applicable laws and regulations. "(4) ALTERNATIVE FILING. — Any Program participant that is eligible to file entrjt information electronically from a remote location but chooses not to do so in the case of £my entry must file any paper documentation for the entry at the designated location referred to in subsection (d).


"(1) IN GENERAL. — ^A Program participant that is eligible under subsection (a) to file entry information from a remote location may, if the Customs Service is satisfied that the participant meets the requirements under paragraph (2), also electronically file from the remote location additional information that is required by the Customs Service to be presented before the acceptance of entity summary information and at t^e time of acceptance of entry summsiry information.