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PUBLIC LAW 103-178—DEC. 3, 1993 107 STAT. 2025 of Representatives and to the President. The President shall provide President. for suitable distribution of the Schedule, or of appropriate portions of the Schedvde, within the executive branch. SEC. 103. PERSONNEL CEnJNG ADJUSTMENTS. (a) AUTHORITY FOR ADJUSTMENTS. —The Director of Central Intelligence may authorize employment for civilian personnel in " excess of the number authorized for fiscal year 1994 under section 102 of this Act when the Director determines that such action is necessary to the performance of important intelligence functions, except that such number may not, for any element of the intelligence community, exceed 2 percent of the number of civilian personnel authorized under such section for such element. (b) NOTICE TO INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES. —The Director of Central Intelligence shall promptly notify the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives and the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate whenever the Director exercises the authority granted by this section. SEC. 104. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT. (A) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There is authorized to be appropriated for the Community Management Account of the Director of Central Intelligence for fiscal year 1994 the sum of $113,800,000. Within such amounts authorized, fluids identified in the classified Schedule of Authorizations referred to in section 102(a) for the Advanced Research and Development Committee and the Environmental Task Force shall remain available until September 30, 1995. (b) AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL LEVELS.— The Community Management Account of the Director of Central Intelligence is authorized 222 full-time personnel as of September 30, 1994. Such personnel of the Community Management Account may be permanent employ- ees of the Community Management Account or personnel detailed from other elements of the United States Government. (c) REIMBURSEMENT.— During fiscal year 1994, any officer or employee of the United States or a member of the Armed Forces who is detailed to the Community Management StafiT from another element of the United States Government shall be detailed on a reimbursable basis, except that any such officer, employee or member may be detailed on a nonreimbursable basis for a period of less than one year for the performance of temporary functions as required by the Director of Central Intelligence. TITLE II—CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY SYSTEM SEC. 20L AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. There is authorized to be appropriated for the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability Fund for fiscal year 1994 the sum of $182,300,000. SEC. 202. TECHNICAL CORRECTIONS. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Central Intelligence Agency Retirement Act is amended— (1) in section 101(7) (50 U.S.C. 2001(7))— (A) by striking the comma after *Tt)asic pay** and inserting in lieu thereof "and**; and