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108 STAT. 162 PUBLIC LAW 103-227—MAR. 31, 1994 disabilities, and, as appropriate, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students, in the development of the State improvement plan and in a continuing dialogue regarding the need for and nature of standards for students and local and State responsibilities for helping all students achieve such standards in order to assure that the development and implementation of the State improvement plan reflects local needs and experiences and does not result in a significant increase in paperwork for teachers. (6) PROCEDURE AND APPROVAL.—The panel shall develop a State improvement plan, provide opportunity for public comment, and submit such plan to the State educational agency for approval. (7) SUBMISSION. —The State educational agency shall submit the original State improvement plan developed by the panel and the State improvement plan if modifled by such agency, together with an explanation of any changes made by such agency to the plan developed by the panel, to the Secretary for approval. (8) MATTERS NOT UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE STATE EDUCATIONAL AGENCY. —I f any portion of a State improvement plan addresses matters that, under State or other applicable law, are not under the authority of the State educational agency, the State educational agency shall obtain the approval of, or changes to, such portion, with an explanation thereof, from the Governor or other official responsible for that portion before submitting such plan to the Secretary. (9) MONITORING; REVISIONS; REPORTING.— After approval of the State improvement plan by the Secretary, the panel shall be informed of progress on such plan by the State educational agency, and such agency, in close consultation with teachers, principals, administrators, advocates and parents in local educational agencies and schools receiving funds under this title, shall monitor the implementation and operation of such plan. The panel shall review such plan, and based on the progress described in the preceding sentence, determine if revisions to such plan are appropriate and necessary. The panel shall periodically report such determination to the public. (c) TEACHING, LEARNING, STANDARDS, AND ASSESSMENTS. — Each State educational agency, with broad-based classroom teacher input, shall establish and include in its State improvement plan strategies for meeting the National Education Groals by improving teaching, and learning and students' mastery of basic and advanced skills in core content areas, such as English, mathematics, science (including physics), history, geography, foreign languages, the arts, civics and government, and economics. Such strategies— (1) shall include— (A) a process for developing or adopting State content standards and State student performance standards for all students, which process shall include coordinating the standards developed pursuant to section 115 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act; (B) a process for developing and implementing valid, nondiscriminatory, and reliable State assessments— (i) which assessments shall—