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/ 108 STAT. 190 PUBLIC LAW 103-227—MAR. 31, 1994 (B) is based on the Missouri Parents as Teachers model with the philosophy that parents are their child's first and most infiuential teachers; (C) provides— (i) regularly scheduled personal visits with families by certified parent educators; (ii) regularly scheduled developmental screenings; and (iii) linkage with other resources within the community in order to provide services that parents may want and need, except that such services are beyond the scope of the Parents as Teachers program; (3) the term "Home Instruction for Preschool Youngsters J program" means a voluntary early-learning program for parents with one or more children between the ages of 3 through 5, that— (A) provides support, training, and appropriate educational materials necessary for parents to implement a school-readiness, home instruction program for tneir child; and (B) includes— (i) group meetings with other parents participating in the program; (ii) individual and group learning experiences with the parent and child; (iii) provision of resource materials on child development and parent-child learning activities; and (iv) other activities that enable the parent to improve learning in the home. 20 USC 5916. SEC. 406. REPORTS. Each organization receiving a grant under this title shall submit to the Secretary, on an annual basis, information concerning the parental information and resource centers assisted under this title, including— (1) the number of parents, including the number of minority and limited-English-proficient parents, who receive information and training; (2) the types and modes of training, information, and support provided under this title; (3) the number of Parents as Teachers programs and Home Instruction for Preschool Youngsters programs which have been assisted under this title; and (4) the strategies used to reach and serve parents of minority and limited-English-proficient children, parents with limited literacy skills, and other parents in need of the services provided under this title. 20 USC 5917. SEC. 407. GENERAL PROVISION. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title— (1) no person, including a parent who educates a child at home, public school parent, or private school parent, shall be required to participate in any program of parent education or developmental screening pursuant to the provisions of this title; (2) no program assisted under this title shall take any action that infringes in any manner on the right of a parent to direct the education of their children; and