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108 STAT. 838 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 (D) through an appropriate screening or survey process, that there is no interest in acquiring the asset for Government use if the asset is a facility or land. (2) A decision under paragraph (1) of this section must be in writing and include the reason for the decision. (3) This subsection is in addition to another law related to using and disposing of a facility or equipment under an assistance agreement. (h) TRANSFER OF AMOUNTS AND NON-GOVERNMENT SHARE.— (1) Amounts made available for a mass transportation project under title 23 shall be transferred to and administered by the Secretary of Transportation under this chapter. Amounts made available for a highway project under this chapter shall be transferred to and administered by the Secretary under title 23. (2) The provisions of title 23 related to the non-Government share apply to amounts under title 23 USC d for mass transportation projects. The provisions of this chapter related to the non-Government share apply to amounts under this chapter used for highway projects. (i) AUTHORITY OF SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOP- MENT. — The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall— (1) carry out section 5312(a) and (b)(1) of this title related to— (A) urban transportation systems and planned development of urban areas; and (B) the role of transportation planning in overall'urban planning; and (2) advise and assist the Secretary of Transportation in making findings under section 5323(a)( 1)(A) of this title. (j) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER LAWS. —(1) Section 9107(a) of title 31 applies to the Secretary of Transportation under this chapter. (2) Section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C. 5) applies to a contract for more than $1,000 for services or supplies related to property acquired under this chapter. §5335. Reports and audits (a) REPORTING SYSTEM AND UNIFORM SYSTEM OF ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS.— (1) To help meet the needs of individual mass transportation systems, the United States Government, State and local governments, and the public for information on which to base mass transportation service planning, the Secretary of Transportation shall maintain a reporting system, by uniform categories, to accumulate mass transportation financial and operating information and a uniform system of accounts and records. The reporting and uniform systems shall contain appropriate information to help any level of government make a public sector investment decision. The Secretary may request and receive appropriate information from any source. (2) The Secretary may make a grant under section 5307 of this title only if the applicant, and any person that will receive benefits directly from the grant, are subject to the reporting and uniform systems. (b) QUARTERLY REPORTS.—Not later than 30 days after the last day of each calendar quarter, the Secretary shall submit to the Committees on Public Works and Transportation and Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Committees on Bank-