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PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 108 STAT. 941 PART A-GENERAL CHAPTER 301—MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL Sec. 30101. Purpose and policy. 30102. Definitions. 30103. Relationship to other laws. 30104. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER II—STANDARDS AND COMPLIANCE 30111. Standards. 30112. Prohibitions on manufacturing, selling, and importing noncomplying motor vehicles and equipment. 30113. General exemptions. 30114. Special exemptions. 30115. Certification of compliance. 30116. Defects and noncompliance found before sale to purchaser. 30117. Providing information to, and maintaining records on, purchasers. 30118. Notification of defects and noncompliance. 30119. Notification procedures. 30120. Remedies for defects and noncompliance. 30121. Provisional notification and civil actions to enforce. 30122. Making safety devices and elements inoperative. 30123. Tires. 30124. Buzzers indicating nonuse of safety belts. 30125. Schoolbuses and schoolbus equipment. 30126. Used motor vehicles. 30127. Automatic occupant crash protection and seat belt use. SUBCHAPTER III—IMPORTING NONCOMPLYING MOTOR VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT 30141. Importing motor vehicles capable of complying with standards. 30142. Importing motor vehicles for personal use. 30143. Motor vehicles imported by individuals employed outside the United States. 30144. Importing motor vehicles on a temporary basis. 30145. Importing motor vehicles or equipment requiring further manufacturing. 30146. Release of motor vehicles and bonds. 30147. Responsibility for def(K:ts and noncompliance. SUBCHAPTER IV—ENFORCEMENT AND ADMINISTRATIVE 30161. Judicial review of standards. 30162. Petitions by interested persons for standards and enforcement. 30163. Actions by the Attorney General. 30164. Service of process. 30165. Civil penalty. 30166. Inspections, investigations, and records. 30167. Disclosure of information by the Secretary of Transportation. 30168. Research, testing, development, and training. 30169. Annual reports. SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL . §30101. Purpose and policy The purpose of this chapter is to reduce traffic accidents and deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents. Therefore it is necessary— (1) to prescribe motor vehicle safety standards for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment in interstate commerce; and (2) to carry out needed safety research and development. §30102. Definitions (a) GENERAL DEFINITIONS.— In this chapter— 79-194 O—95—8:QL3Part2