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108 STAT. 1082 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 Certification. Federal Register, publication. (B) "price index" means the average over a calendar year of the Consumer Price Index (all items—United States city average) published monthly by the Secretary of Labor. (2) At the beginning of each calendar year, as necessary data become available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Secretary of Labor shall certify to the Secretary of Transportation and publish in the Federal Register the percentage difference between the price index for the 12 months before the beginning of the calendar year and the price index for the base period. For model years beginning in that calendar year, the amounts specified in subsection (a) of this section shall be adjusted by the percentage difference. §33106. Exemption for passenger motor vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices (a) DEFINITIONS. —In this section— (1) "anti-theft device" means a device to reduce or deter theft that— (A) is in addition to the theft-deterrent devices required by motor vehicle safety standard numbered 114 in section 571.114 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations; (B) the manufacturer believes will be effective in reducing or deterring theft of motor vehicles; and (C) does not use a signaling device reserved by State law for use on police, emergency, or official vehicles, or on schoolbuses. (2) "standard equipment" means equipment already installed in a motor vehicle when it is delivered from the manufacturer and not an accessory or other item that the first purchaser customarily has the option to have installed. (b) GRANTING EXEMPTIONS AND LIMITATIONS. — (1) A manufacturer may petition the Secretary of Transportation for an exemption from a requirement of a standard prescribed under section 33102 or 33103 of this title for a line of passenger motor vehicles equipped as standard equipment with an anti-theft device that the Secretary decides is likely to be as effective in reducing and deterring motor vehicle theft as compliance with the standard. (2) The Secretary may grant an exemption— (A) for model year 1987, for not more than 2 lines of a manufacturer; (B) for each of the model years 1988-1996, for not more than 2 additional lines of a manufacturer; (C) for each of the model years 1997-2000, for not more than one additional line of a manufacturer; and (D) for each of the model years after model year 2000, for the number of lines that the Attorney General decides under section 33103(d)(3) of this title. (3) An additional exemption granted under subparagraph (2)(B) or (C) of this paragraph does not affect an exemption previously granted. (c) PETITIONING PROCEDURE. —^A petition must be filed not later than 8 months before the start of production for the first model year covered by the petition. The petition must include— (1) a detailed description of the device; (2) the reasons for the manufacturer's conclusion that the device will be effective in reducing and deterring theft of motor vehicles; and