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108 STAT. 1084 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 in charge, may inspect a facility in which motor vehicles containing major parts subject to the stgmdard, or major replacement parts subject to the standard, are manufactured, held for introduction into interstate commerce, or held for sale after introduction into interstate commerce. An inspection shall be conducted at a reasonable time, in a reasonable way, and with reasonable promptness. (c) CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE.— (1) A manufacturer of a motor vehicle subject to the standard, and a manufacturer of a major replacement part subject to the standard, shall provide at the time of delivery of the vehicle or part a certification that the vehicle or part conforms to the applicable motor vehicle theft prevention standard. The certification shall accompany the vehicle or part until its delivery to the first purchaser. The Secretary by regulation may prescribe the type and form of the certification. (2) This subsection does not apply to a motor vehicle or major replacement part that is— (A) intended only for export; (B) labeled only for export on the vehicle or replacement part and the outside of any container until exported; and (C) exported. (d) NOTIFICATION OF ERROR. —^A manufacturer shall notify the Secretary if the manufacturer discovers that— (1) there is an error in the identification (required by the standard) applied to a major part installed by the manufacturer in a motor vehicle during its assembly, or to a major replacement part manufactured by the manufacturer; and (2) the motor vehicle or major replacement part has entered interstate commerce. §33109. National Stolen Passenger Motor Vehicle Information System (a) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.— (1) Not later than July 25, 1993, the Attorney (General shall establish, and theresifter maintain, a National Stolen Passenger Motor Vehicle Information System containing the vehicle identification numbers of stolen passenger motor vehicles and stolen passenger motor vehicle parts. The System shall be located in the National Crime Information Center and shall include at least the following information on each passenger motor vehicle reported to a law enforcement authority as stolen and not recovered: (A) the vehicle identification number. (B) the make and model year. (C) the date on which the vehicle was reported as stolen. (D) the location of the law enforcement authority that received the report of the theft of the vehicle. (E) the identification numbers of the vehicle parts (or derivatives of those numbers), at the time of the theft, if those numbers are different from the vehicle identification number of the vehicle. (2) In establishing the System, the Attorney General shall consult with— (A) State and local law enforcement authorities; and (B) the National Crime Information Center Policy Advisory Board to ensure the security of the information in the System and that the System will not compromise the security of stolen passenger motor vehicle and passenger motor vehicle parts information in the System.