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108 STAT. 1108 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 (b) REQUIRED FINDINGS.— The Administrator may make a contract under this section only if the Administrator finds that— (1) there will be a continuing requirement for the service consistent with current plans for the proposed contract period; (2) providing the service will require a substantial initial investment in plant or equipment, or will incur a substantial contingent liability for assembling, training, or transporting a specialized workforce; and (3) the contract will promote the best interests of the United States by encouraging effective competition and promoting economies in operation. (c) CONSIDERATIONS. —When making a contract under this section, the Administrator shall be guided by the following: (1) The part of the cost of a plant or equipment amortized as a cost of contract performance may not be more than the ratio between the period of contract performance and the anticipated useful commercial life (instead of physical life) of the plant or equipment, considering the location and specialized nature of the plant or equipment, obsolescence, and other similar factors. (2) The Administrator shall consider the desirability of— (A) obtaining an option to renew the contract for a reasonable period of not more than 3 years, at a price that does not include charges for nonrecurring costs already amortized; and (B) reserving in the Administrator the right, on pay- ment of the unamortized part of the cost of the plant or equipment, to take title to the plant or equipment under appropriate circumstances. (d) ENDING CONTRACTS.—^A contract made under this section shall be ended if amounts are not made available to continue the contract into a subsequent fiscal year. The cost of ending the contract may be paid from— (1) an appropriation originally available for carrying out the contract; (2) an appropriation currently available for procuring the type of service concerned and not otherwise obligated; or (3) amounts appropriated for payments to end the contract. § 40112. Multiyear procurement contracts for property (a) GENERAL AUTHORITY. — Notwithstanding section 1341(a)(1)(B) of title 31 and to the extent that amounts otherwise are available for obligation, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may make a contract of more than one but not more than 5 fiscal years to purchase property, except a contract to construct, alter, or make a major repair or improvement to real property or a contract to purchase property to which section 111 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C. 759) applies. (b) REQUIRED FINDINGS.— The Administrator may make a contract under this section if the Administrator finds that— (1) the contract will promote the safety or efficiency of the national airspace system and will result in reduced total contract costs; (2) the minimum need for the property to be purchased is expected to remain substantially unchanged during the pro-