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108 STAT. 1950 PUBLIC LAW 103-322—SEPT. 13, 1994 (3) an assessment by State, tribal, and Federal judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys of the effects that evidence of battered women's sjmdrome may have in criminal trials. 42 USC 14014. SEC. 40508. REPORT ON CONFroENTIALITY OF ADDRESSES FOR VIC- TIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. (a) REPORT. —The Attorney (General shall conduct a study of the means by which abusive spouses may obtain information concerning the addresses or locations of estranged or former spouses, notwithstanding the desire of the victims to have such information withheld to avoid further exposure to abuse. Based on the study, the Attorney General shall transmit a report to Congress including— (1) the findings of the study concerning the means by which information concerning the addresses or locations of abused spouses may be obtained by abusers; and (2) analysis of the feasibility of creating effective means of protecting the confidentiality of information concerning the addresses and locations of abused spouses to protect such persons from exposure to further abuse while preserving access to such information for legitimate purposes. (b) USE OF COMPONENTS. —The Attcmey General may use the National Institute of Justice and the Office for Victims of Crime in carrying out this section. 42 USC 14015. SEC. 40509. REPORT ON RECORDKEEPING RELATING TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall complete a study of, and shall submit to Congress a report and recommendations on, problems of recordkeeping of criminal complaints involving domestic violence. The study and report shall examine— (1) the efforts that have been made by the Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to collect statistics on domestic violence; and (2) the feasibility of requiring that the relationship between an offender and victim be reported in Federal records of crimes of aggravated assault, rape, and other violent crimes. Subtitle F—National Stalker and Domestic Violence Reduction Records. SEC. 40601. AUTHORIZING ACCESS TO FEDERAL CRIMINAL INFORMA- TION DATABASES. (a) ACCESS AND ENTRY.—Section 534 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: "(e)(1) Information from national crime information databases consisting of identification records, criminal history records, protection orders, and wsmted person records may be disseminated to civil or criminal courts for use in domestic violence or stalking cases. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to permit access to such records for any other purpose. "(2) Federal and State criminal justice agencies authorized to enter information into criminal information databases may include—