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108 STAT. 2008 PUBLIC LAW 103-322—SEPT. 13, 1994 American Anns WS/OU 12, TS/OU 12 Shotguns American Arms WT/OU 10 Shotgun Armsport 2700 0/U Goose Gun Armsport 2700 Series 0/U Armsport 2900 Tri-Barrel Shotgun Baby Bretton Over/Under Shotgun Beretta Model 686 Ultralight OAJ Beretta ASE 90 Competition 0/U Shotgun Beretta Over/Under Field Shoteuns Beretta Onyx Hunter Sport 0/U Shotgun Beretta Model SOS, S06, S09 Shotguns Beretta Sporting Clay Shotguns Beretta 687EL Sporting 0/U Beretta 682 Super Sporting 0/U Beretta Series 682 Cfompetition Over/Unders Browning Citori 0/U Shotgun Browning Superlight Citori Over/Under Browning Lightning Sporting Clays Browning Micro Citori Lightning Browning Citori Plus Trap Combo Browning Citori Plus Trap Gun Browning Citori 0/U Skeet Models Browning Citori 0/U Trap Models Browning Special Sporting Clays Browning Citori GTl Sporting Clays Browning 325 Sporting Clays Centurion OverAjnder Shotgun Chapuis Over/Under Shotgun Connecticut Valley Classics Classic Sporter 0/U Connecticut Valley Classics Classic Field Waterfowler Charles Daly Field Grade 0/U Chju-les Daly Lux Over/Under E.A.A./Sabatti Sporting Clays Pro-Gold 0/U E.A.A/Sabatti Falcon-Mon Over/Under Kassnar Grade I O/U Shotgun KrieghofrK-80 Sporting Clays 0/U KrieghofrK-80 Skeet Shotgun KrieghofF K-80 International Skeet KrieghofrK-80 Four-Barrel Skeet Set Krieghoff K-80/RT Shotguns KrieghoflF K-80 0/U Trap Shotgun Laurona Silhouette 300 Sporting Clays Laurona Silhouette 300 TVap Laurona Super Model Over/Unders Ljutic LM-6 Deluxe O/U Shotgun Marchi Conquista Over/Under Shotgun Marchi Avanza 0/U Shotgun Merkel Model 200E 0/U Shotgun Merkel Model 200E Skeet, Trap Over/Unders Merkel Model 203E, 303E Over/Under Shotguns Perazzi Mirage Special Sporting 0/U Perazzi Mirage Special Four-Gauge Skeet Perazzi Sporting Classic 0/U Perazzi MX7 Over/Under Shotguns Perazzi Mirage Special Skeet Over/Under Perazzi MX8/MX8 Special Trap, Skeet Perazzi MX8/20 Over/Under Shoteun Perazzi MX9 Single Over/Under Shotguns Perazzi MX12 Hunting Over/Under Perazzi MX28, MX410 Game 0/U Shotguns Perazzi MX20 Hunting Over/Under Piotti Boss Over/Under Shotgun Remington Peerless Over/Under Shotgun Ruger Red Label O/U Shotgun Ruger Sporting Clays O/U Shotgun San Marco 12-Ga. Wildflower Shotgun San Marco Field Special 0/U Shotgun San Marco 10-Ga. O/U Shotgun SKB Model 505 Deluxe Over/Under Shotgun SKB Model 685 Over/Under Shotgun SKB Model 885 Over/Under Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays Stoeger/IGA Condor I 0/U Shotgun