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108 STAT. 2834 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 United States operations relating to Somalia, Bosnia, Southwest Asia, and Haiti, are hereby authorized in amounts as follows: (1) For Military Personnel: (A) For the Army, $6,600,000. (B) For the Navy, $19,400,000. (C) For the Air Force, $18,400,000. (2) For Operation and Maintenance: (A) For the Army, $420,100,000. (B) For the Navy, $104,800,000. (C) For the Air Force, $560,100,000. (D) For Defense-wide activities, $21,600,000. (3) For Procurement: (A) For Aircraft Procurement, Army, $20,300,000. (B) For Other Procurement, Army, $200,000. (C) For Other Procurement, Air Force, $26,800,000. (b) AUTHORIZATION OF SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRL\TIONS FOR RELIEF OF RWANDA REFUGEES.—T here is authorized to be appropriated to the Emergency Response Fiuid, Defense, as emergency supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 1994 the sum of $270,000,000 to be used to reimburse appropriations of the Department of Defense for costs incurred for emergency relief for Rwanda. 10 USC 114 note. SEC. 1003. INCORPORATION OF CLASSIFIED ANNEX. (a) STATUS OF CLASSIFIED ANNEX.— The Classified Annex prepared by the committee of conference to accompany the bill S. 2182 of the One Hundred Third Congress and transmitted to the President is hereby incorporated into this Act. (b) CONSTRUCTION WITH OTHER PROVISIONS OF ACT. —The amounts specified in the Classified Annex are not in addition to amounts authorized to be appropriated by other provisions of this Act. (c) LIMITATION ON USE OF FUNDS. — Funds appropriated pursuant to an authorization contained in this Act that are made available for a program, project, or activity referred to in the Classified Annex may only be expended for such program, project, or activity in accordance with such terms, conditions, limitations, restrictions, and requirements as are set out for that program, project, or activity in the Classified Annex. President. (d) DISTRIBUTION OF CLASSIFIED ANNEX.—The President shall provide for appropriate distribution of the Classified Annex, or of appropriate portions of the annex, within the executive branch of the Government. SEC. 1004. DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF FUTURE-YEARS MISSION BUDGET. Section 222(a) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking out "at the same time that" in the second sentence and inserting in lieu thereof "not later than 60 days after the date on which". SEC. 1005. SUBMISSION OF NEXT FUTURE-YEARS DEFENSE PROGRAM AS REQUIRED BY LAW. (a) CONDITION ON OBLIGATION OF ADVANCE PROCUREMENT FUNDS.— If, as of the end of the 90-day period beginning on the date on which the President's budget for fiscal year 1996 is submitted to Congress, the Secretary of Defense has not submitted to Congress the fiscal year 1996 future-years defense program, then during the 30-day period beginning on the last day of such 90-