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108 STAT. 2844 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 (5) The risk of theft or diversion of low-enriched uranium under naval fuel cycles for low-enriched uranium in relation to the risk of theft or diversion of highly-enriched urgmium under naval fuel cycles for highly-enriched uranium. (6) The potential savings that might be achieved, and the potential additional costs that might be incurred, as a result of the use of low-enriched uranium instead of highly-enriched uranium as fuel for naval nuclear reactors. (7) Any additional information that the Secretary of the Navy considers to be appropriate. Subtitle F—Congressional Findings, Policies, Commendations, and Commemorations SEC. 1051. SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING COMMENDATION OF INDIVIDUALS EXPOSED TO MUSTARD AGENTS DURING WORLD WAR n TESTING ACTIVITIES. (a) SENSE OF CONGRESS. —It is the sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should issue to each individual described in subsection (b) a commendation in honorary recognition of the individual's special service, loyalty, and contribution to the United States. (b) COVERED INDIVIDUALS.— Individuals referred to in subsection (a) are those individuals who, as members of the Armed Forces or employees of the Department of War during World War II, were exposed (without their knowledge or consent) to mustard agents in connection with testing performed by the Department of War during that war. (c) NOTIFICATION OF EXPOSURE. —The Secretary of Defense shall notify each surviving individual described in subsection (b) of— (1) the exposure described in subsection (b); (2) the possible health effects of the exposure that are known to the Secretary; and (3) the likely options available to the individual for medical treatment for any adverse health effects resulting from the exposure. (d) FURNISHING OF INFORMATION TO SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS.— The Secretary of Defense shall provide to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs any information of the Department of Defense regarding the exposure described in subsection (b), including the names of the individuals described in subsection (b). SEC. 1052. USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA-35): GALLANTRY, SACRIFICE AND A DECISIVE MISSION TO END WW n. (a) FINDINGS. —Congress makes the following findings: (1) The USS INDIANAPOLIS served the people of the United States with valor and distinction throughout World War II in action against enemy forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations from 7 December 1941 to 29 July 1945. (2) The fast and powerful heavy cruiser with its courageous and capable crew, compiled an impressive combat record during her victorious forays across the battle-torn reaches of the Pacific, receiving in the process ten hard-earned Battle Stars from the Aleutians to Okinawa.