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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2877 ^ (2) Civilian employees of the Department of Defense who are terminated from such employment as a result of reductions in defense spending or the closure or realignment of a military installation, as determined by the Secretary of Defense. (3) Employees of defense contractors who are terminated or laid off (or receive a notice of termination or layoff) as a result of the completion or termination of a defense contract or program or reductions in defense spending, as determined by the Secretary of Defense. (d) ASSISTANCE AUTHORIZED.— TO carry out the demonstration project in an eligible location selected by the Secretary, the Secretary may make grants to, and enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with. State governments, local governments, private entities, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education operating in that location. (e) ACTIVITIES SUPPORTED.— ^A government or entity (or group of entities) receiving assistance under the demonstration project shall use the assistance to perform, or support the performance of, any of the following: (1) Developing a business plan to establish a ship recycling facility for military and commercial ships currently in service and projected for future scrapping. (2) In consultation with the private sector, conducting a market study of— (A) the existing private sector capacity to perform ship recycling; (B) the utilization of existing ship recycling capacity; (C) the regional impact on markets for scrap generated from ship recycling; (D) the environmental remediation requirements associated with ship recycling; (E) the ability to incorporate the private sector into the ship recycling facilities established pursuant to the demonstration project; and (F) such other issues related to ship recycling as the Secretary considers appropriate. (3) Conducting a skills assessment study to determine the number and type of employees needed to operate a ship recycling facility. (4) Developing plans for the cost-effective environmental remediation of ships to be recycled at the facility. (5) Demonstrating the feasibility of a ship recycling facility to become financially self-sustaining or projecting a reasonable timetable for the completion of the demonstration project, in which case the entity shall develop training, skills enhancement, and career placement programs to assist employees involved in ship recycling to secure new occupations and careers. (6) Supporting regional ship recycling start-up activities. (7) Analyzing the potential to use persons described in subsection (c) as employees at a ship recycling facility. (f) TRANSFER OF EXCESS NAVAL VESSELS. — The Secretary of Defense may allocate among the ship recycling facilities established under the demonstration project excess naval vessels of the United States for recycling. (g) FUNDING FOR FISCAL YEAR 1995.—Of the amount made available pursuant to section 1102(a), $7,500,000 shall be available