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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2913 "(1) The manmade or natural disaster for which disaster assistance is necessary. "(2) The threat to human hves presented by the disaster. "(3) The United States military personnel and material resources that are involved or expected to be involved. "(4) The disaster assistance that is being provided or is expected to be provided by other nations or public or private relief organizations. "(5) The Einticipated duration of the disaster assistance activities. "(d) ORGANIZING POLICIES AND PROGRAMS. —Amounts appropriated to the Department of Defense for any fiscal year for Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA) programs of the Department shall be available for orgemizing general policies and programs for disaster relief programs for disasters occurring outside the United States.". (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.— The table of sections at the beginning of such subchapter is amended by adding at the end the following new item: "404. Foreign disaster assistance.". SEC. 1413. HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FOR CLEARING 10 USC 401 note. LANDMINES. (a) PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.— The Secretary of Defense shall carry out a program for humanitarian purposes to provide assistance to other nations in the detection and clearance of landmines. Such assistance shall be provided through instruction, education, training, and advising of personnel of those nations in the various procedures that have been determined effective for detecting and clearing landmines. (b) FORMS OF ASSISTANCE.—The Secretary may provide assistance under subsection (a) by— (1) providing Department of Defense personnel to conduct the instruction, education, or training or to furnish advice; or (2) providing financial assistance or in-kind assistance in support of such instruction, education, or training. (c) LIMITATION ON UNITED STATES MILITARY PERSONNEL. —The Secretary of Defense shall ensure that no member of the Armed Forces of the United States— (1) while providing assistance under subsection (a), engages in the physical detection, lifting, or destroying of landmines (unless the member does so for the concurrent purpose of supporting a United States military operation); or (2) provides such assistance as part of a military operation that does not involve the Armed Forces of the United States. (d) USE OF FUNDS.— Of the amount authorized to be appropriated by section 301 for Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA) programs of the Department of Defense, not more than $20,000,000 shall be available for the program under subsection (a). Such amount may be used— (1) for activities to support the clearing of landmines for humanitarian purposes, including activities relating to the furnishing of education, training, and technical assistance; (2) for the provision of equipment and technology by trsmsfer or lease to a foreign government that is participating in a landmine clearing program under this section; and