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PUBLIC LAW 103-337 —OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2917 (6) Each specific Department of Energy program that the Secretary of Energy plans to develop to initial operating capability and each such program that the Secretary does not plan to develop to initial operating capability. (7) For each technology program scheduled to reach initial operational capability, a recommendation from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that represents the views of the commanders of the unified and specified commands regarding the utility and requirement of the program. (c) FORMS OF REPORT. —Each such report shall be submitted Classified in both unclassified and classified forms, including an annex to ^formation, the classified report for special compartmented information programs, special access programs, and special activities programs. SEC. 1504. AMOUNTS FOR COUNTERPROLIFERATION ACTIVITIES. (a) COUNTERPROLIFERATION ACTIVITIES. — Of the amount authorized to be appropriated in section 201(4), $16,500,000 shall be available for counterproliferation activities. (b) LIMITATION. — (1) Of the funds made available pursuant to subsection (a), $4,000,000 may not be obligated until the Secretary of Defense submits to Congress a report on a proposed classified counterproliferation database system. The report shall provide— (A) an assessment of current major databases and software capabilities of entities in the intelligence community and of national weapons laboratories and laboratories of the Armed Forces against capabilities defined in the proposed project; and (B) an assessment of the technical feasibility of the proposed system, program plan, strategy, milestones and future year funding. (2) No funds may be obligated for the database system described in the report until the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence enter into a written agreement concerning the program to develop that database system that provides— (A) how funding for that program is to be divided between (i) the account of the National Foreign Intelligence Program, and (ii) Tactical Intelligence and Related Program accounts; and (B) a plan for the sources of funds for, and the programmed amounts for, that program for fiscal years after fiscal year 1995. (c) EDUCATION IN SUPPORT OF COUNTERPROLIFERATION ACTIVI- TIES.— Of the amount authorized to be appropriated in section 301(5), not more than $2,000,000 shall be available for providing education to members of the Armed Forces in matters relating to counterproliferation. (d) ADDITIONAL AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER AUTHORIZATIONS. — (1) In addition to the transfer authority provided in section 1001, upon determination by the Secretary of Defense that such action is necessary in the national interest, the Secretary may transfer amounts of authorizations made available to the Department of Defense in this division for fiscal year 1995 to counterproliferation programs, projects, and activities identified as areas for progress by the Counterproliferation Program Review Committee established by section 1605 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 (Public Law 103-160), as amended by section 1502. Amounts of authorizations so transferred shall be merged