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108 STAT. 2930 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 14110 of this title, shall submit the report with the Secretary's recommendations, to the Secretary of Defense for transmittal by the Secretary to the President for approval or disapproval. If the authority of the President to approve or disapprove the report of a promotion board is delegated to the Secretary of Defense, that authority may not be redelegated except to an official in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. "(b) REMOVAL OF NAME FROM BOARD REPORT. — The name of an officer recommended for promotion by a selection board may be removed from the report of the selection board only by the President. " (c) RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REMOVAL OF SELECTED OFFICERS FROM REPORT.—I f the Secretary of a military department or the Secretary of Defense makes a recommendation under this section that the name of an officer be removed from the report of a promotion board and the recommendation is accompanied by information that was not presented to that promotion board, that information shall be made available to that officer. The officer shall then be afforded a reasonable opportunity to submit comments on that information to the officials making the recommendation and the officials reviewing the recommendation. If an eligible officer cannot be given access to such information because of its classification status, the officer shall, to the meiximum extent practicable, be provided with an appropriate summary of the information. "§ 14112. Dissemination of names of officers selected "Upon approval by the President of the report of a promotion board, the names of the officers recommended for promotion by the promotion board (other than any name removed by the President) may be disseminated to the armed force concerned. If those names have not been sooner disseminated, those names (other than the name of any officer whose promotion the Senate failed to confirm) shall be promptly disseminated to the armed force concerned upon confirmation by the Senate. "CHAPTER 1405—PROMOTIONS "Sec. "14301. Eligibility for consideration for promotion: general rules. "1 4302. Promotion zones. "14303. Eligibility for consideration for promotion: minimum years of service in grade. "14304. Eligibility for consideration for promotion: maximum years of service in grade. "14305. Establishment of promotion zones: mandatory consideration for promotion. "14306. Establishment of promotion zones: Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve running mate system. "14307. Numbers of officers to be recommended for promotion. "14308. Promotions: how made. "14309. Acceptance of promotion: oath of office. "14310. Removal of officers from a list of officers recommended for promotion. "14311. Delay of promotion: involuntary. "14312. Delay of promotion: voluntary. "14313. Authority to vacate promotions to grade of brigadier general or rear admiral (lower half). "14314. Army and Air Force commissioned officers: generals ceasing to occupy positions commensurate with grade; state adjutants general. "14315. Position vacancy promotions: ^my and Air Force officers. "14316. Army National Guard and Air National Guard: appointment to and Federal recognition in a higher reserve grade after selection for promotion. "14317. Officers in transition to and from the active-status list or active-duty list.