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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2667 Sec. 501. Consistency of warrant officer personnel management policies with policies applicable to other officers. Sec. 502. Authority for original regular appointments of Navy and Marine Corps limited duty officers serving in grades above pay grade 0-3 under temporary appointments. Sec. 503. Navy and Marine Corps limited duty officers twice having failed of selection for promotion. Sec. 504. Selection for designated judge advocate general and flag officer positions. Subtitle B—Reserve Component Matters Sec. 511. Increased period of active duty for reserve forces mobilized other than during war or national emergency. Sec. 512. Reserve general and flag officers on active duty. ' Sec. 513. Review of opportunities for ordering individual reserves to active duty with their consent. Sec. 514. Definition of active Guard and Reserve duty. Sec. 515. Repeal of obsolete provisions pertaining to transfer of retired regular enlisted members to reserve components. Sec. 516. Semiannual report on separations of active Army officers. Sec. 517. Early Reserve retirement eligibility for disabled members of Selected Reserve. Sec. 518. Annual payments for members retired under Guard and Reserve transition initiative. Sec. 519. Educational requirements for appointment in reserve components in grades above first lieutenant or lieutenant (junior grade). Sec. 520. Limited exception for Alaska scout officers from baccalaureate degree requirement for appointment as officer in National Guard above first lieutenant. Sec. 521. Sense of Congress concerning the training and modernization of the reserve components. Subtitle C—Victims' Rights, Family Advocacy, and Nondiscrimination Provisions Sec. 531. Prohibition of retaliatory actions against members of the Armed Forces making allegations of sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination. Sec. 532. Department of Defense policies and procedures on discrimination and sexual harassment. Sec. 533. Annual report on personnel readiness factors by race and gender. Sec. 534. Victims' advocates programs in Department of Defense. Sec. 535. Transitional compensation and other benefits for dependents of members separated for dependent abuse. Sec. 536. Study of spousal abuse involving Armed Forces personnel. Subtitle D—Matters Relating to the Coast Guard Sec. 541. Extension of Warrant Officer Management Act provisions to Coast Guard. Sec. 542. Coast Guard force reduction transition benefits. Sec. 543. Expansion of personnel adjustment, education, and training programs to include Coast Guard. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 551. Repeal of required reduction in recruiting personnel. Sec. 552. Authorized active duty strengths for Army enlisted members in pay grade E-8. Sec. 553. Prohibition on imposition of additional charges or fees for attendance at certain academies. Sec. 554. Biennial survey on the State of race and ethnic issues in the military. Sec. 555. Review of certain discharges from the United States Military Academy during the post-Civil War period. Sec. 556. Administration of athletics programs at the service academies. Sec. 557. Reimbursement for certain losses of household effects caused by hostile action. Sec. 558. Military recruiting on campus. Sec. 559. Authorization for instruction of civilian students at foreign language center of the Defense Language Institute. Sec. 560. Discharge of members who are permanently nonworldwide assignable. TITLE VI—COMPENSATION AND OTHER PERSONNEL BENEFITS Subtitle A—Pay and Allowances Sec. 601. Military pay raise for fiscal year 1995. 79-194 O—95—2:QL 3 Part 4