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108 STAT. 2668 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 Sec. 602. Cost-of-living allowance for members of the uniformed services assigned to high cost areas in the continental United States. Sec. 603. Increase in subsistence allowance payable to members of Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Sec. 604. Temporary family housing or temporary housing allowances for dependents of members who die in the line of duty. Subtitle B—Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays Sec. 611. Extension of certain bonuses for reserve forces. Sec. 612. Extension and modification of certain bonuses and special pay for nurse officer candidates, registered nurses, and nurse anesthetistis. Sec. 613. Extension of authority relating to payment of other bonuses and special pays. Subtitle C—Travel and Transportation Allowances Sec. 621. Responsibility for preparation of transportation mileage tables. Sec. 622. Payment for transient housing for members of a reserve component performing certain training duty. Sec. 623. Change in provision of transportation incident to personal emergencies for members stationed outside the continental United States. Sec. 624. Clarification of travel and transportation allowance of family members incident to serious illness or injury of members. Sec. 625. Applicability of additional family separation allowance to periods between deployments less than 30 days apart. Subtitle D—Retired Pay and Survivor Benefits Sec. 631. Elimination of disparity between effective dates for military and civilian retiree cost-of-living adjustments for fiscal year 1995. Sec. 632. Sense of Congress on equal treatment of effective dates for future costof-living adjustments for military and civilian retirees. Sec. 633. Clarification of calculation of retired pay for officers who retire in a grade lower than the grade held at retirement. Sec. 634. Waiver of administrative time-in-grade requirements to prevent pay inversions in retired pay of certain military retirees. Sec. 635. Crediting of reserve service of enlisted members for computation of retired pay. Sec. 636. Minimum required reserve service for eligibility for retired pay for nonregular service during force drawdown period. Sec. 637. SBP premiums for reserve-component child-only coverage. Sec. 638. Discontinuation of insurable interest coverage under Survivor Benefit Plan. Sec. 639. Forfeiture of annuity or retired pay of members convicted of espionage under UCMJ. Sec. 640. Treatment of retired and retainer pay of members of cadre of Civilian Community Corps. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 651. Eligibility of members retired under temporary special retirement authority for Servicemen's Group Life Insurance. Sec. 652. Transportation of remains. Sec. 653. Special supplemental food program for Department of Defense personnel outside the United States. Sec. 654. Study of offset of disability compensation by receipt of separation benefits and incentives. TITLE VII—HEALTH CARE PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Health Care Services Sec. 701. Revision of definition of dependents to include young people being adopted by members or former members. Sec. 702. Treatment of certain dependents as children for purposes of CHAMPUS, dependents' dental program, and continued health benefits coverage. Sec. 703. Availability of dependents' dental program outside the United States. Sec. 704. Authorization for medical and dental care for abused dependents of certain members. Sec. 705. Additional authorized health care service available through military health care system. Sec. 706. Demonstration programs for sale of pharmaceuticals. Sec. 707. One year continuation of full CHAMPUS and dependents' dental program benefits for dependents of members who die while on active duty for a period of more than 30 days.